Thursday, October 7, 2021

Review & Commentary on Bounty Hunters In The Clement Sector By John Watts From Independence Games For The Clement Sector Campaign Setting For Cepheus Engine & 2d6 Original Science Fiction Games

 "Bring 'em back alive!

With the many independent governments of Clement Sector, it is necessary to have a method to capture criminals who take advantage of the lack of a ruling interstellar polity and go on the run from justice.  For most governments in Clement Sector, the answer is the manhunter.  "

"Manhunters include those who have dedicated their lives to tracking down criminals on the run, average ship crews who see an opportunity in being the person to bring in a wanted criminal for a bounty, bail enforcement agents and marshals who work for a single government or corporation, thieftakers that work for aggrieved families in finding justice, repossession agents who recover stolen property and capture ships from captains who are behind on their payments, altrant and uplift hunters who operate on the fringe of society capturing those who have escaped their "owners" and made it to freedom, and the skiptracers whose research and dedication can aid all of the above."

Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector covers all of these and delves deeply into the laws, regulations and traditions of manhunters in the Clement Sector setting.  This book includes eight career tracks as well to allow characters to delve into the world of justice and recovery."

'Bounty Hunters In The Clement Sector' By John Watts is a slightly different book then others that have crossed my gaming table. This book covers bounty hunters who handle everything from debt collecting to full on manhunts for the local intergalactic governments. And it does so with the Clement sector in mind Because the Clement sector is more then slightly different. There are a wide variety of local system laws & legal tape to keep track of. And  '
Bounty Hunters In The Clement Sector' allows one to take care of the small details & generate the type of PC that can handle the smooth & the rough of skip tracing, debt collecting, and even full on manhunts for pirates. 
Because let's face facts 'Bounty Hunters In The Clement Sector' By John Watts is a book end for 'Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector'.

Why because you're going to have to track down the space pirate at some point as well as be the space pirate. And its all about shifting alliances, corporate factions, and the relationships of adventurers in the Clement sector. This is a sector with higher technologies, lots of problems, and a boat load of opportunities for bounty hunters of all stripes. From Blade Runner's Deckard to Bobba Fett the opportunity is there in Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector. John Watts does a cracking job of cranking up the details & yet providing a fast read for his DM's. Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector is a good read & surprisingly well thought out for the DM. There's plenty of opportunity within the universe that's presented in Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector.  The scores here are highly thought of and the rewards done right. This is a solidly done, maturely thought out, and well executed book for the Cepheus Engine rpg as well as the Clement Sector. If you want to run a complete bounty hunter campaign in the Clement Sector or the Cepheus Engine rpg then this is the book to get. Highly recommended. 
You can buy  Bounty Hunters In The Clement Sector By John Watts From Independence Games For The Clement Sector Campaign Setting Here 

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