Sunday, October 31, 2021

Pyramid Scheme One Shot Session Report - Halloween Hostile rpg One Shot

 DM Steve's Hostile rpg session tonight went very well except my Ranger PC died rather badly tonight sliding into a vat of acid. We started out out of Pleaties station a rather disputable looking space station orbiting a colony world. Our team consisted of 2 Bert & Ernie Rangers, a Spacer named Roger, a rather attractive rogue named Harley, & two roughnecks named Genie & Doralie. We were contracted to a ship the SS Xi Nang. If we want to revisit the starship at a later time then we've got the option.  For tonight's game we used the  free 1970s 2D6 RETRO RULES for our Cepheus Engine fix for our game. 

 Our party were called in to do a mining survey & stumbled across one of those ubiquitous alien pyramids that have cropped up from time to time in DM Steve's games on an alien planet. We didn't know what were were in for. But the SS Xi Nang dropped us down into the mix with a shuttle trip. The planet was a sorta of low grav Hell scape that looked like it might have been the ass end of Hades. The defining point on the planet was pyramid itself.  My ranger trail blazed in with radio beacons & took soil samples. The planet is rich in rare Earth elements & I went about my business till it came time to check out the pyramid. My ranger Charlie & our rogue Harley went to the pyramid which was huge open air affair. And the second my PC got to the center of the pyramid causeway a huge trap door dropped out from under my PC. A beam  with reverse gravity  dragging him down into the depths right into a vat of acid! 

Concept art was created by Moebius and was scanned from Fantastic Films (Blake Publishing Corp./1979) & used without permission

Harley managed to dodge out of the way just in time! The pyramid was actually a huge power station. This was only the beginning as xenomorphs poured out from the inner workings of the pyramid's lower depths. The other PC's were trying to figure anyway of relaying a message back to  the SS Xi Nang in time. The pyramid was/is quite valuable. Two more PC's died delaying the xenomorphs from reaching the rest of the party who managed to get back to the shuttle & take off! That's right the players turned tale & ran! 

This isn't the first time that we've actually simply turned tale. Everything in the  Hostile rpg is filled to the brim with things, events, etc.  trying to kill you & turning tail  is a viable rpg scheme. And while its not going to nail bonuses for our group the alien pyramid has lots of potential & it will come to bite us in the ass further in the future. Is there anything that could have done to survive?! Survival isn't always the point in a Halloween themed game. Instead it was about having a good time! So mission accomplished on that end! 

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