Tuesday, October 26, 2021

An OSR Sword & Sorcery Twist or Two On The Free 'The Praise The Fallen' One Shot Dungeon

 There have been huge delays in delivery of Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea third edition because of issues with the global supply chain. And its effecting a ton of Kickstarters at the moment & that's fine. I wasn't expecting AS&SH 3rd till next year anyhow. Now that doesn't stop me from rooting around the AS&SH forums & I came across a few gems. And Handy Haversack delivers the dark magick goes with the monsters Empty Hands & Fingers of the Void.  
But what's note worthy is that he connects with Graphite Prime's blog post adventure 'Praise The Fallen' one shot dungeon ;"
There were those demented powers that wanted to return all to naught, to become one with the Ever Slumbering Void.  Pantheons collided and the heavens shattered with war.  Untold cosmic powers were lost without their names ever spoken by mortal tongues.  Countless legions fell.  Defeated in their gambit of annihilation, they scattered across the universe.  Several of the Fallen, fell to this world, forever imprisoned at their point of impact..."

For an OSR Sword & Sorcery rpg one shot these resources are fantastic, flavorful, easy to use and very much in the vein of early Doctor Strange comic books style of magick. Another idea to add here is a trap or two with a 'Dead Fall Daemon' from the Ancient Vaults &  Eldritch Secrets blog. An entropic cult with a bunch of demons who maintain the tricks & traps is very much in keeping with the Sword & Sorcery vibe that's swirling around my brain. 

Thinking about different OSR one shot dungeons & pulling OSR elements from the blogsphere for an upcoming campaign. This one shot idea with some cool Sword & Sorcery monsters jumped out at me. And I thought I'd share. 

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