Thursday, October 28, 2021

OSR Write Up For the Roboskull Mark II For Stars Without Numbers Revised rpg

 From beyond the furthest reaches of the moons of Saturn on a planetlet base comes the Roboskull mark II marking the return of the Red Shadows terrorists! They have languished since the early Eighties out beyond the frozen rings of Saturn! But now the Red Shadows are back marauding colony after colony within the Sol system. 

Roboskull Mark II 

Packaging Art by the Legendary Ian Kennedy

HP: 9 Power: 5/1 free AC: 16 Mass: 2/0 free Armor: 5 Crew: 1/1 Speed: 5 Hull Class: Fighter Crew Skill: +2 NPC CP: 4 Weapons: 4 Reaper Battery (+4/3d4, Clumsy) on each wing, Eye Mounted  mini plasma beams Plasma Beams (+4/3d6, AP 5), Two chin mounted Laser Turrets (+4/1d4,) Back Skull Mounted Laser (+4 2d4 Clumsy), 5 Mini missiles 2d4 Inside Mouth, Anti Personal Plasma Field +3 2d4 Breath Weapon)  Defenses: None Fittings: Spike Drive-2 Atmospheric Configuration Cost: 305K base price, 30,000 maintenance, 43,800 yearly crew cost for 1 pilot optional navigator 
Cryo Brainwashing Pod System in rear. 

The Robo Skull Mar II is a highly effective surgical strike marauder class ship & acts as a mobile base for the Red Shadow interstellar pirate organization. These units are able to deploy 6 to 8 smaller assassin  skull drones. 

Assassin Skull Drones AC 14, Hit Points 10 - 
 two eye socket mounted laser weapons Laser Pistol 1d6 100/300 
Mouth mounted Plasma Projector 2d8 50/100

Each Robo Skull Mark II is piloted by a 5th level Wolf Trooper Pilot who is psionically linked to the Red Shadows Reaper A.I. back at the Red Shadows head quarters! 

Note that this write up is not meant as a violate of the copyright nor trade mark of Roboskull LLC nor the holders of the Roboskull Mark II trademarks. But this is a homage to the current Roboskull Mark II kickstarter! 

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