Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Legacy of Lum The Mad & Leuk-O In Greyhawk & The Wilderlands of High Fantasy

There are ton of thoughts roaring through my head today after speaking with DM Steve & DM Ricky. One of those was looking over notes from 2019 concerning our Godbound/Cha'alt game campaign. Some of this goes all of the way back to our 2019 Victorious rpg campaign. That morphed into Godzilla 1889 & then bled into Amazing Adventures. The real question was, in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy was there a Lum The Mad & his collaborator then betrayer  Leuk-O?! 

So why would I be putting these two into my version of the Wilderlands? Well two reasons actually one is the fact that within Greyhawk there's the land of black ice which was the City of the Gods & later Blackmoor.  This is now the kingdom of Greyhawk's version of the  Egg of Coot and a land of eternal ice. The Bleching Vortex has been one of those creeping little cliff hanger adventure hooks that still lingers in Greyhawk. But does it lead to the Wilderlands of High Fantasy?! I think so with  
the Secret of Passage card artifact the passage between Greyhawk & the Wilderlands is still available. The connections here are part of the quisi science fictional/science fantasy campaign weirdness of early original Dungeons & Dragons that just won't let go. This goes back to the early Kuntz & Gygax family games of early TSR fame. 

Lum The Mad is still out in  the plane of Limbo in the middle of the swirling eddies according to our campaign notes due to his connection to the machine. This was explored in Vortex of Madness from 2000 by Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes, Harold Johnson, & Chris Pramas. And yes it was for second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. But the fact is that if there is a wilderlands version of these two tyrantical  madmen then its possible their still out there someplace in Limbo waiting. In the Wilderlands of High Fantasy its possible that they destroyed a huge swath of land with their occult tech artifacts. And my thought is that the demon lands might be exactly where these two squared off. 
And this has got us thinking about adding this into the back end of running an AS&SH game using the Higherlands of High Fantasy. But it might be time that our group looks into Castles & Crusades?! But if the Earth Shaker mech is uncovered what then?! 
So if the Earth Shaker mecha is found & this further uncovers more secrets of the 'Legacy of Giants & Amazons'. Then does this put both the Wilderlands & Hyperborea on track for the hypothetic events of Havard's DA10 God War  By David J Ritchie & Dave Arneson?! 

These occult technologies should have a very dangerous & infernal feel to them. This is another lesson from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rpg & early Dungeons & Dragons. Any artifact or occult technologies should be absolutely dangerous as well as beneficial to PC's. 

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