Thursday, May 27, 2021

OSR Review & Commentary On World at Weird War II By Nicolas Kaczmarczyk From Cartridge Games For The Cepheus Quantum rpg systems

…We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender…"

Winston Churchill

"Take the role of brave soldier, mysterious occultist, internally focused psionics or ingenious gadgeteer and fight dark menace of Axis with its dark secrets and experiments." 

So over the course of the last two weeks there's been one or two Quantum Engine products that have been teased. One of these hit all of the high notes for me & that's World at Weird War II By Nicolas Kaczmarczyk.  This is a high end beer & pretzels World War II game with an occult & weird war bent. The World at Weird War II  game that works on the Quantum Engine convention; "The Quantum Engine uses common six-sided dice. We note each die you need to roll as a “D”. For example, “2D” means “roll two six-sided dice and add the results together”. In this game, “DM” means Dice Modifier, a number you add or subtract from a dice roll. For example, “2D, DM-2” means “roll two dice, add the results together, and then subtract 2 from the total”. This is often written as “2D-2”. The amount by which your total throw exceeds or misses the target number is called the Effect. If you roll a total of 11 on 8+ throw, your Effect is 11 – 8 = 3; alternately, if you throw a 4, your Effect is 4 – 8 = -4. D66 is a special die roll, in which you throw two dice, and count one as the “ones” and one as the “tens”." So that's it. From there the engine is hung with a bunch of the high end WWII conventions & the author knows how to bring in the weirdness. This is a solid system to hang the weirdness & war driven occult themes of the game. And it does it well. 
Highlights for 
World at Weird War II  include: 
  • The mass combat rules & how the game handles the mass battle scenes. 
  • The cinematic feel of the rpg & the war film aesthetic
  •  World at Weird War II makes its occult, super science, & even its paranormal skills unique & not repetitive.  
  • There's just enough to get the players & the DM started! 
  • And there's tanks & mecha thrown into the mix as well! 
World at Weird War II   does in fifty two pages what most games of this type take hours of slogging through. This is a weird war primer rpg game & its easily combined with the other Quantum Engine rpg systems on the Cepheus Engine rpg market. 
There's various cinematic nods & easier eggs scattered throughout World at Weird War II  for the veteran cinephiles out there. Is this a good game?!
 Hell yes & is it perfectly suited for the Cepheus Engine rpg fanatics out there?! Yes it is! And the price at four dollars hits the sweet spot! You can play as the Allies or the Germans and have an alternative historical outcome all in one go! All in all highly recommended! 

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