Thursday, May 13, 2021

New England Boi's Session Report #11 - Talon Sector - Hostile Rpg Setting/Cepheus Engine rpg Campaign

 When it comes to rpg player horror stories there are millions of em. Case in point a recent Hostile rpg setting/ Cepheus Engine rpg hybrid  campaign  session. Let me catch you all upon what's been happening. 
The New Englang Bois have been working on recovering the secondary lap top that belonged to a Xeno biologist from before the Fall of Mankind. They've been following the interstellar bread crumbs left behind by Wiley Nogaurdt a chronicler of the Talon sector. They've found, prospected, & mined several gas giants, nebula, etc. & several artifacts left behind by other past adventurers. 
 Now along the way the Boi's have come into posession of a Pioneer Class space station with a drive system called Lone Star #3  a High Roller station  ( you can find that in Zozer Games Pioneeer class Space Station). Now there's a big science fiction sale on Drivethrurpg & all of the Cepheus Engine rpg designers & authors are on sale.  Now we had one of our regular players Reese who  had to go on vacation, so he introduced us to Charlie a regular of his in his  own home games. Charlie was taking over Reese's mercenary character Vance Hudson. Hudson acts as security & escort for the Boi's when their doing prospecting & exploration. But they've been following the trail of bread crumbs. Saturday night rolls around & Charlie takes over Vance. Play is going well with the party checking out the wreckage of an alien craft from their station with a drone. 

Charlie is sitting on his hands when anounces that he set's off one of the claymores inside Lonestar #3! That's right the player set off a claymore mine on purpose! Explosion & everything fades to black. Now what?! So I ended up calling DM Bob whose a long time friend of mine & the actual player of  Wiley Nogaurdt a chronicler & xenobiologist of the Talon sector from before the fall of mankind. That's right Wiley isn't an NPC but a long haul PC from back in our Stars Without Number rpg campaign  days. His advice?! Keep going! Everything fades to black! 
The party was knocked unconscious & the habitation module was blown free. Reese's PC is dead regardless. But it brings into play the fact that Wily at some point down the road is going to make an appearance. Wily is a product of the  Angle corporation who are the evil family branch of the Allard Electronics company. Those same folks who have been sponsoring the Boi's right along. 

Wily is a product of Angle techologies which has deep ties to the Reticulan empire going all of the way back to the Eighties. This was a major plot point of our on going Call of Cthlhu rpg campaign  erm Silent Legion rpg campaign.

Where's our xenobiologist right now?! Wiley is at the moment in hypersleep aboard a mining vessel floating someplace around a barren worldlet frozen. The New England Boi's scientist is determined to find him! Elsie Warren joined the Boi's recently & pieced together Wily's story. She has an idea of where his ship might be. Why did Charlie blow up the claymore?! According to him he wanted to spice up the game!  Anyhow Reese came home & Charlie won't be playing with us again. 

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