Thursday, May 20, 2021

Review & Commentary Death Stalkers of Antediluvia (Quantum) By C.Thorin From Magic Pig Media

 "Death Stalkers of Antediluvia is a set of supplemental rules for Barbaric! and an introduction to the forth coming setting of Antediluvia.

In here you will find optional and alternate rules for Character Generation, Combat, and Magic. There are also new Races, Traits, Combat Moves, Spells, and Monsters. We attempted to write the optional rules in a modular fashion so you can use some, none, or all of them."

C. Thorin of Magic Pig Media came out with Death Stalkers of Antediluvia (Quantum) which essentially is a  Swords & Sorcery campaign starter package for Cepheus Quantum. And the other day my thoughts on Cepheus Quantum leaked out. Which is that some of the products for Cepheus Quantum were a bit thin on page count. There are times when as a DM I want to feel campaign setting & become emergence in it. And fortunately Death Stalkers of Antediluvia (Quantum)  this isn't one of those titles. This is a solid title for Barbaric! which is a much rules lighter version of the basic engine from Sword of Cepheus. Sword of Cepheus seems to be far easier for the D&D players to grasp in my experience.  Death Stalkers of Antediluvia  wears its Sword & Sorcery pedigree on its sleeve quite well. The artwork & layout is well done for an add on book & it provides the DM with everything they will need for a solid Sword & Sorcery campaign romp. It could be used with Cepheus Atom 

Death Stalkers of Antediluvia  provides the basic Swords & Sorcery elements needed to kick off a campaign from races, monsters, combat moves, non human races, wounds, alterations to existing spells, and new monsters like hags, Gugs, etc. Death Stalkers of Antediluvia  is a nice little primer for a Sword & Sorcery campaign that can jump start a campaign from the ground up. And it does it well with the materials given. And there's enough to really kick off a campaign here that will last for years. 

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