Friday, March 21, 2014

Wicked Cross Fire In The Glass Desert -A Post Apocalyptic Mars Stars Without Number Actual Play

 Foothills of Aeolis Mons ("Mount Sharp") (white balanced image).

Last night the PC's got into the thick of a battle between Apex Heavy Industries and one of the Renagade tribes of salvagers in the foot hills of Mars in the Foothills of Aeolis Mons ("Mount Sharp") . The battle had uncovered some ruins between the two battling factory drill ships and had spilled onto the surface. 
The PC's had a hell of a time keeping out of the way of the Achilles class shock suits and the grav cars that were hunting the PC's. The PC's dropped drones unto the battle field and circled around the grav cars. They took pot shots at the grav cars and tried to find cover from the gunnery weapons of the drill factory.
 Cue music 

The factory sent out a burst transmission and then drilled back under the Martian surface leaving the android driven Achilles suits to defend a find! 

The field of battle became a game of cat and mouse as the PC's were out manuvering and out foxing the grav cars. Rockets and motar fire rained down on the PC's and the PC ran to find cover from the artillery fire. Things were looking desperate.

The PC's dove behind cover and watched as the renagade's psychic/shaman summoned something. Suddenly the desert came alive as a lightning and dust storm enveloped the whole scene. The PC's ATV shut down and every electronic device on the battle field was wrecked by lightning and ball lightning cascaded across the field of battle. 
The PC's awoke to find themselves alone on the battle field. Wreckage and sand were the only sights to greet them. The Renagades had retreated and were only now coming into view. Would they be friend or foe. Could the PC's handle them if the came to blows?
Things turned out peacefully as they found out that the battle was over a particularly valuable set of ruins built over both the under car system and a space port launch facility with several intact colony ships with complete gravity drive systems.
The ruins were built right along the routes of the old 'caneli' systems that were seen back on Earth during the time of Lowell.

Because the PC's had sided with the Renagades. They were invited to come along for the recovery mission into these ruins. The opportunity is too good for the PC's to pass up. 
Meanwhile the whole group began the task of salvaging the battle field. And here's what might be found.

1d10 Random Finds on the Martian Battlefield 
  1. 1d4 shock suit couplers and armatures. 75 credits on the open market.
  2. 1d20 random radium bullets 20 credits each with protective wax seal still in place. 
  3. 1d8 jewels from the poles and gold settings, worth 200 credits
  4. Martian long rifle with heavy stock and mostly in good working order. Needs minor work. 600 credits otherwise a wall hanger. 
  5. Shock wraps and protective Martian gear, 150 credits 
  6. Rebreather unit slightly used 400 credits in good working order 
  7. Grav cycle unit and motor assembly 500 credits and in mostly good working order. 
  8. Blaster pistol not used with holster 500 credits and energy cells on quick draw belt. 
  9. A medallion of the Old Ones, 200 credits and very collectible 
  10. Achilles shock suit EMP fried, 20,000 credits and good for mostly parts. 

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