Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Remembrance and Influence of Gary Gygax

Words utterly fail me actually when it comes to the passing of E.Gary Gygax. His this world will never see again and his influence as well as his wisdom are still being felt around the world and at many a gaming table. I honestly don't where to begin with his passing. He's the main reason why I play the games that I love. I met the man once and we didn't talk about D&D.
We spoke at length about leather working industrial sewing machines and what I do for a living. You see before he created OD&D he was a shoe repair man in 1970, the year I was born. He shook my hand and then another player/ DM whose life he changed spoke with him.
Words utterly fail me when I think about how long Gary Gygax has been gone. He still casts a long shadow still over the world of rpg that he created. 

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