Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Dragon Foot Resource - Monstrous Tome - Volume One For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

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So here is a collection of some 37 pages of old school goodness that needs to go into a wide variety of settings and I've recently used these beauties in a couple of quick Post Apocalyptic old school adventures. They are in the first edition AD&D format but they're easy to convert and make excellent additions to a Mutant Future game as well. 
They really work well for fantasy retroclone cross over games where the fantasy element mixes well with the space colony or lost world vibe. Some of these really are a throw back to another time and they work well when a DM wants to deal with a retro vibe in their games. 
Dragon Foot Blurb : 
Put some new depth into your Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game with one of the new Acid Vampires or the ever-so sweet and cuddly Eh-Oh; ah! Those sharp rows of teeth! – Not to mention the Ethereal Stalker, the wonderfully dangerous Gnome Fisher – oh and never underestimate that Spider Plant in the corner of the garden! And try not to have nightmares about Werebadgers!In all 32 NEW monsters for your enjoyment!

A DM can we can't have enough monsters and many of these make some damn good mutant beasties to throw your PCs way. The spider plant is a good example of this where the players are going to be trying to deal with a whole lot of problems. I've used the plant with xplorers as well where they've infected a generation ship and have caused the demise of the crew. For Stars Without Number the Ethereal stalker made a great hazard when the spike drive broke down in a recent game. 
The gnome fisher is a good addition to a game of Carcosa and also has seen some air play in Mutant Future as well.
The print friendly version of this pdf has come in handy a number of times and its been interesting to see what can be done with these monsters. For an additional set of monsters in a game like Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. The DM must add in a Dex factor and use the appropriate monster template from the Referee manual. Some of these make very nice old school additions to the game.
All in all this monster book deserves to get a lot more attention then it has.  Because this is a free download there's lots of DYI potential with this one. I hope that you have fun with it at your gaming table. 

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