Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Running Portals Of Tosh By Judge's Guild With The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea Rpg System - Actual Play

Rumble In The Tharsis region Of Mars! 

File:Mars Valles Marineris.jpeg

Tonight's game was a pick up of my AS&SH game that has been taking place on Mars. This one involves Peter's Old school party from Ancient and Accursed Terra winding up on Mars after a wizard's curse and running for their lives. They've been working their way across the face of my post apocalyptic Mars working as mercs and finally winding up near the The Tharsis region. An area of temperate forest, swamps, volcanoes and some very isolated enclaves of lost peoples. 

The last encounter had them rescuing a prisoner from a slave caravan on its way to depositing some slaves for sacrifice in one of the many hidden step pyramids in this area.

File:Pyramid of Papantla - p461.jpg

The PC's ambushed the slavers and their green warrior guards to free their charge and everything seemed to be going off without a hitch.The PC's ran afoul of one group of hairy Martian cannibals from the temperate region and had a time with them. Radium ammo began to run in short supply but they found a small cache. They're prisoner was tired, thirsty, and in need of some minor medical attention. 
 They made camp for the evening and the prisoner insisted on rewarding them. A magic scroll was pulled out and the PC's transported in rush of air, magic and the PC's were transported across the planes to another world!

A  Brand New World! 
 They're 'mission' is escaping from his would be 'heroes' as soon as they touch other dimensional ground!
 Now they find themselves in the middle of a street upon a strange world surrounded by foreign people. What the hell are they going to do? Well go to tavern and get sloshed and figure it out.
Welcome to the Portals of Tosh adventure! Welcome to a world where humans, dinosaurs never went extinct, and a highly intelligent brand of lizard men rule.. 

Grab It Right

A 48-page book detailing an area reachable only through the use of Teleportation devices called "Portals" by the wizard of fantasy, Rudy Kraft. It includes considerable History and Economic description of the area, one town of Lizardmen and another of Humans, and several adventures including a Lizard Wizard's Tower. Also included are Monster Lairs, Wilderness descriptions, Wandering Monster tables and major Character descriptions. Portals of Torsh can easily be fitted into any campaign, and is suitable for mid-level characters.

This is a snap to run using AS&SH because it's first edition AD&D, many of the elements of this adventure by Rudy Craft are easily adapted to my favorite Sword and Sorcery campaign. There's lots of room here to add in elements from your favorite old school sources. I've run this one a couple of times and love to use it with elements of Arduin and other old school products. The portal series by Judge's Guild is one of the more underrated products to come out of the Guild. This one is part of a series of adventures that takes PC's to a number of worlds.
Running Portals of Tosh With Astonishing Swordsmen requires a bit of converting on the DM's part but much of it is quite easy and part of the deal is upping the Sword and Sorcery angle. Think old 1970's Marvel comics style here.
I've used the portal worlds before especially when running Carcosa to give the PC's a base to explore from and this might be the case here. After Torsh I might sick Carcosa on to my AS&SH group. The rule sets work quite well together. Lamentations of the Flame Princess works very well with AS&SH.

To be continued next week! 

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