Monday, March 3, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Dragonfoot Resource - Foot Print's Issue #3

Grab It Right
When I need a set of monsters for an old school AD&D first edition style game I often turn once again to Dragon's foot. Here we take a quick look into issue three of Footprints. 
From The Dragon's Foot Blurb :
Stop The Goblin Raid (adventure)
The Nasty NPC Competition - The Thing
The Nasty NPC Competition - Delorn
Gigger (monster)
Allaru (monster)
Uttuku (monster)
Retherians (race) 
Online Gaming:Play by Email (article)
UK4: When a Star Falls (review)

This is quick issue filled with monster after monster that can be easily adapted into a wide variety of old school games. This issue is nice because the monsters can fit into any number of retroclone style adventures and still be useful couple this fact with the Stop The Goblin Raid adventure and this is a great free old school download. 
Stop The Goblin Raid (adventure) -This is a nice quick introduction or mid level adventure that can easily be adapted into Labyrinth Lord or your favorite old school game. 
The Nasty NPC Competition - The Thing - This is a very cool little monster that I've used several times in X plorers as a side line adventure for players and as an encounter with Mutant Future. 
The Nasty NPC Competition - Delorn - This one makes a good mid point monster encounter for a wide variety of old school games or as a one shot science fantasy adventure encounter. 
Gigger (monster)- High weirdness and fun for the whole party with this monster. 
Allaru (monster) - this is one of those monster encounters that can keep a party of adventurers very busy and still be a challenge for a wide variety of levels. 
Uttuku (monster) -This is one that actually  writes itself for adventures. 
Retherians (race) - As a race this is a great race for either Stars Without Numbers or as an Xplorers encounter. 
Online Gaming:Play by Email (article)
UK4: When a Star Falls (review) - A really nice review that features one of my favorite original adventures from the UK series that I once upon a time played at the Traveling Man in the U.K.
I think that this one of the solid Foot print download issues and it makes a great addition in an old school  DM's arsenal.
More coming up. 

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