Friday, March 21, 2014

Rumble Among The Blue Green Monoliths - A Side Adventure In The Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign - Stars Without Number - Actual Play

During last night's game the PC's spotted a small depression of weird ruins out in the foothills of the Martian Desert. There was a small depression of sand, wind swept rock and twelve blue green glass  monoliths.
The alien structures seem to hum to themselves and did not appear on any of the ATV's sensors they were using. They decided to go ahead and check em out.  

Each of the twelve 20 foot tall monoliths seemed to hum to itself on a low vibrational register and yet had absolutely no sensor echo at all. As the party go closer to the structures they're were incredibly vivid fungus all around the base of these alien structures. None of the giant style mushrooms seemed to be native to this Mars.
It wasn't until they got almost on top of the location that they began to see the bones at that base of the weird fungus. There were Martian bones, animal, and other types of material and corpses there.


 The PC's kept their distance and trained the ATV's guns on the fungus but they weren't paying attention to one of the other larger more dangerous giant mushrooms. The thing nearly had them with giant bio acidic tendrils. The could have easily eaten away at the armor of the ATV. A fast anti vehicle laser gun fried the things. That's when the monolith's kicked up on the dimensional register. 

 A demon came out of the one of the monoliths and a running battle ensued. The PC's were able to drive off the demon and recovered a few relics from around the crystals when the 'Violet Fungus' attacked. The PC'd took what they had and retreated as the whole affair disappeared as a time storm swept away the monoliths in a jumble of planar energy.

1d10 Random Finds From The Blue Green Monoliths Table 

  1. Ancient alien skull that gives 1d4 temporary psychic powers. Worth about 100 credits but there is a 20% chance of the thing shattering each time it is used. 
  2. Alien fossilized bones these things hum with a semi devine aura and will provide some degree of protection against demons. 200 credits for the whole lot. 
  3. An ancient Green Martian skeleton that will animate and attack the PC's if disturbed. There are 40 gold pieces scattered around its feet. Worth 56 credits to a collector. 
  4. A bag of 1d30 bottle caps, a small fortune in some communities. These caps are worth far more to a collector. Worth about 150 credits to the right collector. 
  5. The preserved right hand of great warrior chief, in its fist a fabulous gem of true seeing. Worth 300 credits. 
  6. A book of higher psychic songs. This book allows one to raise their vibration level and go up a level if psychic. This book will curse the poor clod who rinds it without the proper gifts to use it. The thing is worth too credits to the right PC. 
  7. An ancient psychic has a glass globe containing stolen essence of three great Martian clans. This bauble is worth 300 credits to the right scavenger clan.
  8. An ancient artifact  belonging to an alien ship near by. This A.I.'s system wants to complete it's mission of the destruction of a particular Martian clan. Why it does not know but it must. This piece of A.I. electronica is worth 600 credits to the right collector 
  9. The preserved head of a Mi Go with the frontal lopes intact. The thing is able to use any of it's psychic powers three times per day. And this horror has its own agenda and powers it may use three times per day. 
  10. A ring used to summon a star spawn of Cthulhu. This horror is not under anyone's control and will be vary grumpy that someone disturbed it's ancient slumber. Worth 1000 credits to the right collector. Spend it fast because this horror will come after you as well! 

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