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Review and Commentary on The Free Post Apocalyptic Western 'High Noon Under The Demon Sun' and Adapting It To Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

High Noon Under The Demon Sun is a Free Savage Worlds download from Jack Shear's Tales From The Grotesque and Dungeonsque blog. The setting is part spaghetti western and part occult nightmare. Did I mention its free?!
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Download it under the heading campaign settings.
Even though its set up for Savage Worlds there's little reason why the fluff of the setting material can't be added and fleshed out in your favorite retroclone.
The material is well written short, concise, and gives the barest of bones campaign settings but allows the DM to customize the setting for PC's easily. That means all you really have to do is pi
I'm reminded of these great minis from Displaced Minitures and I've been looking for an excuse to buy some of these. 

 There are a number of options for adapting this material, to an old school setting and a few retroclones that could do the job of allowing PC's to interact with some critters, nasties, and horrors from beyond space and time.
One option to run this is of course the Mutant Future book Nuclear Sunset -
Jack's setting injects in a very dark setting into this book and allows the DM to really kick it up a notch. Because Mutant Future can be used with Labryth Lord this makes mixing and matching a snap. Pick your Monster Manual up and turn to the Demon Lords for some really wild NPC creation or pick a demonic patron who will turn your PC into an anti hero. Think the Demon from DC comics. 

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The Rpg Now Blurb: 

Nuclear Sunset: The Southwest is the first installment in a post-apocalyptic campaign setting.
Though written with Mutant Future in mind, this campaign is almost 100% mechanics-free and could easily be adapted to any post-apocalyptic rules set.
Nuclear Sunset: The Southwest contains a map of the region, description of settlements and ruins and a full slate of post-apocalyptic organizations, including:
Hell's Heart: This enormous biker gang strikes terror into the entire southwest as they move from town to town, raping and pillaging with impunity.
The 88th: This pre-war military unit was considered a great experiment in fielding an all-synthetic battlefield command. They have bided their time since the apocalypse and know the time is ripe for them to take control of this shattered world.
The Cartel: This crime family has maintained the family business since before the Earth was destroyed in the great war. In fact, for these ruthless criminals, business has never been better.
The Marshalls: In the dark days immediately following the great war, a group of self-appointed vigilantes rose from the darkness to maintain justice.
In a land where law is often a comforting dream, the Marshalls settle for justice, even revenge, striking fear in the hearts of the wicked and cruel.

 I don't own this setting but have thumbed through it for countless hours over at my buddy Peter's place. It's a good starting point for what might take place.
 Another option is to use Mr. Robertson's Weird West Role Playing Game 

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 This is a solid game for a slim buck and it does the job nicely.
While its got the look and the right feel for the setting, I like a bit more old school crunch to my campaigns.

The other idea that springs to mind is to grab your old copy of Boot Hill, The AD&D first edition of the Player's Guide and your DM's Guide along with your Monster Manual then convert as you will. Add in your favorite bits of Gamma World where you will. This may or may not work depending upon how much or how little of the setting may work for you.
 The best option in my opinion is to adapt the material to your favorite set of old school retro clone post apocalyptic mayhem. Mutant Future and Labyrinth Lord with the advanced Companion give the DM lots of options on this horror style setting. There is enough here to really allow the DM to go to town in this one. In the near future I'm going to be running this one with my players!
 All in all this is a setting that really set my imagination on fire. As always your mileage may vary. 

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