Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review And Commentary On The Free OSR Resource From Dragon's Foot - Foot Prints Magazine #16


Grab it Right Over 
From the Dragon foot blurb :
The Transmuter (class)
Bandit Stronghold (adventure)
Elemental Stalkers (creature)
Frost Naga (creature)
Iceblight (creature)
Primordimental (creature)
The Urban (class)
Cantor's Pocket Demesne (spell)
Continuing my interest in the elemental planes and bits of planar knowledge from various old school sources including the Monsters Manual II. So I decided to look back into Dragon's foot's Footprint magazine. This paricular issue has a number of monsters that I enjoy for the elemental plane of ice including the Frost Naga, Ice Blight and others. The big Lovecraftain draw here is the 
Primordimental (creature) has been featured in various incarnations of At The Mountains of Madness adventures that I've run over the years.
I've looked into the Urban class and the Transuter for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea as two alternative NPC classes as sources of adventure and as possible resources for PC's.  On the AS&SH vibe, the Bandit Stronghold is adventure is a perfect resource for a quick 1/2 quick pick up game. The experience would have to be adjusted and moved forward for AS&SH but that's about it.
Cantor's Pocket Demensne makes a good solid addition for Atlantian forgotten knowledge as a gateway to adventure.
Many of these pieces and monsters also have potential as really alien lifeforms in X plorers or Stars Without Number because of the AD&D 1st edition set up whic are easily converted into your favorite science fiction retroclone.
 All in all this is a pretty solid and very useful little free download. Happy gaming and more coming up! 

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