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Saviors Of The Ninth Moon For Stars Without Numbers & Your Old School Space Opera

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The Saviors Of The Ninth Moon are a group of galactic trouble shooters and mercenaries who are all that remains of  The Ninth Moon Legion. There were over a billion of these cloned warriors who invaded the Sirius Clovus Major star systems, only a million survivors fought their way out past the horrors of  The Sirius Engagement . The Legion was disgraced, dishonored, and disbanded or so the Old Galactic Empire believed.
The reality was far different. The Legion was a political scapegoat that was used as convenient excuse to hang the losses of Sirius. The Empire saved face among its interstellar political allies and ridding itself of the troublesome Legion. Or so it thought.
Thirty years after the events of Siruis, the survivors of The Ninth Moon Legion formed a dedicated rag tag group of soldiers who sell their skills to the highest bidder.
The Ninth became the stuff of legends after saving the governor the ninth moon of Sirius, the very man who condemned him to the 
the Old Galactic Empire.
Today the yellow and red uniforms of the Saviors Of The Ninth Moon, are seen among the trouble spots and hot zones of far flung frontiers of the space 

Tactics, Equipment, And Methods

The Saviors Of The Ninth Moon use a wide variety of equipment and tactics salvaged and built upon by their days serving the Old Galactic Empire. They often use a mix of tech three and four favoring close fitting Armored under suits and Combat field uniforms with stealth and camouflage abilities so that the colours of the Ninth moon can be displayed at a moment's notice.
The Ninth often use hit and run tactics as well as small black OPs techniques that they've excelled at over the years away from the Old Galactic Empire. They often use turncoat agents who go deep under cover to infiltrate exo cults, weird religions and tense galactic hot spots 

They're shields are able to deflect an array of energy weapons and they are made with tech three or four materials as available. The Ninth favors chain saws, mono gladius short swords, and mono monomolecular  knives. 
The Ninth also favor a strange type of green blue laser pistol as a standard issue weapon. All soldiers are expected to know and be able to manufacture items from local materials if possible for deep cover operations.
They count at least three minor psychic mystery cults among their ranks who joined them after several attempts by the Old Galactic Empire to exterminate them. 

Saviors Of The Ninth Moon Faction For SWN


Attributes Forces 5 Cunning 5  Wealth 2 - 4 depending upon local conditions. 
Hit Points: 29 
Assets : Organizations/Moles/Cunning 5 Zealots/Forces 4  Marketers/Wealth 4
Tags, Mercenaries, Savage, Warlike, Secretive

The Saviors of the Ninth Moon work through a series of double blind cells and merchants who sell their serves to the highest bidders and work for the betterment of the mercenaries. The Saviors still have many admirers among the Old Galactic Empire who owe them a long series of running favors. Their ultimate goal is mysteries and ultimately unknown at this point but they do have agents combing the fringes of the galactic frontier searching for level three and four technology. But their ultimate aims remain shrouded in the fog of warfare and blood. 

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