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'Another Fine Mess In The Haunted Wasteland' - A Gothic - Post Apocalyptic OD&D Game - Actual Play

This is an original cover from the Fiction House's series Ghost comics and thanks to cartoonist Terry Beatty the inspiration for last night's game. You can find more of these fantastic forties good girl covers clean up right over HERE

I was using Jack Shear's Tales of Grotesque and Dungeonsque HERE  as well as Trey's Weird Adventures HERE  as kit to design a weird pulp inspired Gothic one shot OD&D style game. Fish Wife games also lend a hand in this.
Jack Shears Adventures on Gothic Earth and Tales of The Grotesque and Dungeonsque III : The Final Chapter are perfectly suited for use as Gothic gaming material for early Eighteen Hundreds to Nineteen Thirties Gothic Pulp Campaign Adventures. Easily mixed in with Weird Adventures.
 So last night I got together with friends and had seven players. The game was set on a variant of my Ancient And Accursed Terra world. There are a multiplicity of these worlds floating out in the plane prime, many are post apocalyptic hell holes that are each tied in with one another as a string of demi planes of doom all in mirco pocket bubbles. Many touch the negative material plane in one form or another and the lands of the dead under the control of a variety of gods of death.
This also happens to include Orcus whose got an interest in the party. The adventurers have raided a number of his worlds and properties as well as upset his creations a number of times. 
File:Hazard T.svg

Last night's group consisted of the following PC's party after an extended character creation workshop. 

  1. Sir Arthur Crompton - Adventurer, fighter, big game hunter and monster killer. Fighter fourth level. From wealthy upper class background in the U.K. whose had some rather unsavory dealings with the Fey. 
  2. Ms. Victory Falsroy - Half human and vampire adventuress/ cleric as well as the best selling author of A Young Lady's Primer On Other Worlds.  Cleric 4th level 
  3. Strayon The Mystic - A warlock of some renown whose got a radio program from 3 A.M. to 5 A. M. on WW5 called Beyond The Shroud. Warlock fifth level 
  4. The Fitz Roy Twin - Spiritualists of the Infamous, mercenary warriors of the spirit world and some of the most dangerous ghost hunters. 6th level spiritualists. 
  5. The Azur Green warrior - Mysterious mercenary fighter from some Orient but which one is a bit of a mystery. Carries an Oni blade and a very bad attitude. 5th level fighter 
  6. The Brimestone Boys -  Two Gangsters dedicated to one of the lower powers and out to make a name for themselves on this plane or the abyss. 5th level thieves and toughs. 
  7. Sister Anne - Cleric, healer, and gun wielding psychopath with multiple personalities Discipline of Janus and wielder of a pair of blessed Dragoon guns. 4th level cleric and 2 level fighter.  Healer of the group.

The PC's met with their patron at his castle. A renowned and incredibly feared necromancer Sir Carl Rupert Sinclair.  The host of the incredibly popular radio show 'Speaking With The Dead' and retired acclaimed stage actor. Sir Rupert Sinclair is now investigating most a troubling matter and looking into the latest scandal to come his way (one of many by the way). His lovely daughter has disappeared after having joined a group of adventurers herself. Sir Carl does not think she is on Earth at all. He has reason to believe that she has gone looking for a relic sacred to the Sinclair family. 

Sinclair Castle sits on a series of  powerful ley lines that allow one to open doors into other worlds and even the realms of the dead. Sinclair thinks that his own daughter may have used such a door way to go looking for the so called Star of Sinclair. An artifact lost to the family going all the way back to the Revolution of Freedom. 

More information about the real life inspiration for Sinclair Castle right over HERE

It Opens Doors 

 The PC's were lead down a series of stairs into the bowels of the castle. Cut stone passages and weird rooms used for summoning, spells, and dire enchantments greeted them. 

The adventurers bargained for exclusive story rights, treasure, artifacts, and movie rights. The doors were opened and the adventurers stepped into a strange haunted world filled with ruins. Here's where 100 Things To See In The Devastated City came in handy. 

Available right over HERE

The PC were greeted by sights in an alternative haunted New York city from the depths of a Lovecraftian horror show. Some of the sites they saw were the following : 
100 Things To See In The Devastated City
Want a little decadent flavor to add to those still settled parts of the post apocalypse metro area? Need a few encounters for the wandering party of adventurers to run into? Just roll the percentile dice and consult the two page chart!

Note: Some of these random rolls contain notes about mutants. Modify or remove as needed for personal campaign. Many of these listings could also be used for modern slum areas as well.
Care for some samples?
01- A bored young thug bashing in the front of a soda vending machine with a crowbar.
15- A filthy looking man with a scarred face and mutated eye tugs a wagon of junk.
25- A handcuffed mutant is being forcefully led down the street by two men in tattered police uniforms.
30- A man in a dirty brown suit selling packs of cigarettes from the trunk of an old luxury car.
45- A small group of hedonists shooting up drugs while they sit on the steps of an old law office.
50- A trio of adolescent street artists spray paint grafitti on the side of an old building.
60- A young couple and their three kids are cleaning out an old storefront in hopes of starting a business.
75- Five women dressed in hospital scrubs tend to a couple of wounded citizens lying on the sidewalk.
90- Three old men are gathered around a fire built in an old barrel.
100- Two young punks threaten an old woman clutching a purse.
More coming up soon! 

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