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Review And Commentary On The Free Old School Post Apocalyptic Resource 'The Complete Post Apcalyptic Scavengers Field Guide' By Scott Hover

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The Scavengers Field Guide is a free old school post apocalyptic love letter by Scott Hover aka Kellri to the game he loves Gamma World.  Way back in 2005 when I was first dipping my toes into the OSR I happened across this 114 mutant extravaganza  that covers all the relics, robots, artifacts, and weird background treasures that are in Gamma World. 
In his words : 

Welcome to the Complete Post-Apocalyptic Scavenger’s Field Guide, the second in the DeEvolution series of 

1st/2nd edition Gamma World netbook supplements. In compiling the equipment from across so many editions and 
sources, I’ve tried to put together the Gamma World supplement I’ve always wanted to have on MY bookshelf next 
to the Basic Rules Booklet. No more searching through a dozen out-of-print modules and magazines just to find an 
artifact, no more cross-referencing between two books to find the REST of the stats. This is Gamma World the way 
it should be. If you’re the gearhead Gamma Merigan type, check out the rules for constructing robots and power 
armor. If you’re a Game Master looking to give your game that “Modern Primitive” touch, check out the updated and 
expanded low tech weapons and armor. No longer is a club just a piece of wood in this wasteland! Lastly, players 
and GM’s alike will get just the facts they need from the comprehensive equipment listings, all indexed for quick 
reference. So,next time you’re taking a roadtrip into the Deathlands, remember to have the Field Guide handy, keep 
your Mark V warm, and don’t eat the glowing snow. 
 Scot Hoover 

The fact is that back when this net book was written I was trying to run Gamma World and getting my stuff ruined. This book changed that by having all of the old school post apocalyptic material in one handy resource. No longer was I having to scramble to find this or that relic. Creating detailed robots, androids, and Gamma World positronic PC's was easily done and handy.  The fact is that this is one very handy little unofficial pdf and its quite a slight of hand trick that Scott's done with the compiling and editing this book into one guide. 
Need to know about black powder fire arms in your favorite old school GW setting and such. That's on page fifty. Need energy weapons and vibro daggers?
Well that's page forty nine. 
 The lay out is clean and two column easiness to read and refrence during a game when you've got players breathing down your neck about the fate of their mutants and pure strain human PC's. There's mecha and robots weapons, power armor, and sharp sticks. Did I mention that all of this material has an index in the back? 
 What's Really In The Scavenger's Field Guide? 

Please note that I own all of this material from the various sources and that having this net book has saved a ton of time, resources, and energy.
According to the book:  
"This supplement would not have been possible without liberal and tireless plagiarism from almost every 
published and out-of-print Gamma World source imaginable. Deep felt thanks go out to everyone who has ever 
contributed to this great game over the past 30 years, especially Jim Ward and the staff of the now long-gone TSR, 
Inc. Listed below are the sources for all of the converted and original material found here. In many cases, the 
descriptions and some statistics were included verbatim for authenticity’s sake, and are credited at the end of the 
appropriate text as abbreviations, which are also noted next to the source below. 

Gamma World Science Fantasy Role Playing, 1st edition by James M. Ward & Gary Jaquet (1GW) 
Gamma World Basic Rules Booklet, 2nd edition by James M. Ward, David James Ritchie & Gary Jaquet (BRB) 
Gamma World Science Fantasy Role Playing, 4th edition by Bruce Nesmith & James M. Ward (4GW) 
Treasures of the Ancients, by Dale ‘Slade’ Henson (ToA) 
Gamma Knights, by Dale ‘Slade’ Henson (GK) 
GW1: Legion of Gold by Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, & Paul Reiche III (GW1) 
GW2: Famine in Far-go by Michael Price (GW2) 
GW3: The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand by Michael Price & Gary Spiegle (GW3) 
GW4: The Mind Masters by Phil Taterczynski (GW4) 
GW9: Epsilon Cyborgs by Kim Eastland (GW9) 
Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia by Aaron Allston (DD) 
‘Out of the Sun…The Man Machines of GAMMA WORLD® gaming’ by James M. Ward and Roger Rupp Dragon Magazine #101 (DM101) 
‘New Tools of the Trade’ by Peter Giannacopoulos Dragon Magazine #97 (DM97) 
‘Don’t Leave Home Without ‘Em’ by Scott Hutcheon Dragon Magazine #113 (DM113) 
‘The Exterminator’ by John Mau & Brian Shuler Dragon Magazine #104 (DM104) 
‘The GAMMA WORLD Aquabot’ by James M. Ward & Roger Rupp Polyhedron #20 (PO20) 
Sammy Spade (SS) 
BJ Johnson, The New West website (BJJ) 
New Weapons for Gamma World 1st Edition - Ziggy 
Herbal medicines - Moses “Wolfy” Wildermuth (MW) Go Mutazoids 3E! 
Missile color chart idea- Kerry Jordan 
Artwork (used without permission) – Fastner/Larson, Larry Elmore, Erol Otus, Dave Trampier (where are you?); Jeff Dee 
This netbook dedicated to the members of Yahoo Groups Gammaworld & The-Post Apocalytic Forge - the last of the Ancients 
Scot Hoover, Editor - DeEvolution Gamma World Netbooks (Ed)"

The bottom line is that this is one of Scott Hover's love letter's to the game he loves and its a solid labor of love that any DM of Gamma World should have. The time, detail, cross referencing, and general insanity that went into this book is evident for anyone whose used it. I've run a very long and extensive post apocalyptic Gamma World campaign that was then converted over to Mutant Future. The fact is that this free download may easily be used with that game as well.
There is a whole range of stuff that I've done with the Scavenger's Field Guide and because its so well done its very easily used in a wide variety of old school games and retroclones.
No copyright or trade mark infringement was intended from this post or the field guide by either the author or myself. This post is for entertainment purposes only and is meant as a review of one of my favorite post apocalyptic free Gamma World net books. I hope you will find it as useful as I have over the years. As always your mileage may vary. 


  1. Yeah, as a GW fan, that book is quite indispensable! Even if you are running Mutant Future, it is still good to have, with some slight conversions. I really like those classic mutant monsters.

  2. This book is a God sent for those of us play GW. The fact that it's easy to use with Mutant Future seems to have escaped a few people. This is one of the reasons that I've been reviewing and taking another look at some of the classic free Gamma World downloads. If you like mutant monsters then take a look at the latest review. We're going over the Mutant Manual II.
    More coming tomorrow as well.

  3. Whoops, my Gamma World articles were actually "Cold Steel" (Dragon #113) and "Don't Leave Home Without 'Em" (Dragon #91). I was only age 15 at the time, so don't judge them too harshly! -- Scott Hutcheon

  4. I believe I enjoyed both of those but I'm not sure my players did, Scott. Those articles provided some deadly fodder for my GW campaigns. Those articles were pretty indispensable back in the days of my GW adventures. Thanks for the comments and more to come.


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