Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flames In The Underworld - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Campaign For Stars Without Number Actual Play

Last week the PC's came face to face with another massive factory drill below the Martain surface inside the remains of the under tunnels which criss cross deep below the Post Apocalyptic planet. They also faced and ran from the Apex Heavy Industry Flame Tanks.
What are they looking for?  From the Robot's grave yard a number of relics have been recovered and the android crews have been clearing tunnels of any mutated life forms without mercy. This also includes any scavengers they happen across. Now after a series of scouting missions, false starts and stops the PC's have managed to find the flame tanks home. A huge Factory Drill tank/base deep within the tunnels. 

The PC's in tonight's game will be trying to deal with the Achilles Class Shock Suits and the A.I. controlled android guards and pilots. Did I happen to skip over the renegade Martian tribes who happen to be hiding down there as well. Tribes that the PC's and Apex Heavy Industries have been at war with?

enegade Martian Salvagers Tribe 
Attributes Forces 4 Cunning 4 Wealth 2 
Hit Points 15 
Assets Secessionists/Cunning 4 
Zealots/ Force 3 
Tags: Secretive, Pirates, Greed
Survivors of the apocalypse who are scattered across the face of Mars and prey upon the corporations and their own peoples. Armed with cutting and drilling tools that they manage to steal. These desperate fools are part cult/part warrior band, count within their ranks mutant, human, and Martian alike!

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