Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Dragon Foot Resource - Monstrous Tome - Volume Two For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

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Over a hundred new monsters to add to your AD&D games, drive fear into the hearts of your players with new demons, dragons, giants and other original monsters.
Described as the Book of Beings  Monsterous Tome II is a second great collection of old school monsters and nasties for your AD&D and Osric style retro clones. 
There are times when a DM needs some of the bigger gun monsters and nasties for his games. This pdf has both minor leaguers and This is a one hundred and twelve page pdf  that is filled with just these style of dungeon foes, things that go bump in the night and much more.
 From the Astral Worms all the way to the ZUBNIK there is a ton here to populate your worlds and settings with in the old school tradition.
Many of these monsters can easily slip into either a science fiction or fantasy campaign.
 Because there is a Lovecraftian aspect to many of these monsters they make great addition to both a post apocalyptic game or a science fantasy campaign.A good example of a world that might have some of the horrors found within this pdf could well be Carcosa.
 Even though these monsters have been created in 2004, many of them have not seen the light of day in any other old school publications. This means that not many players are even familiar with their like or aspect making them a great choice to populate your old school planes or dungeons. All in all these make great additions to any old school campaign where unusual or unique creature or life form is needed. 
All in all these monster books deserves to get a lot more attention then they get   Because this is a free download there's lots of DYI potential with these volumes.

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