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1d10 Random Lovecraftian Artifacts and Finds From The Outer Darkness From The Post Apocalyptic Mars Wastelands For Stars Without Number

Between the planes and universes are places of darkness and loss that things beyond the ken of mankind and near humankind can fathom. This is the realm of dead stars, ancient demons, and things from beyond the beginning of time as well as space. This is the domain of explorers in the further reaches and the realms of horror beyond imagining. 

Occasionally Items surface where the darkness of these places touches our tiny existence. These things turn up in the market places of alien wizards,scientists of the damned, and occasionally at bizarre market places of powerful explorers of strange haunted alien planets.  These are some of the items that have been found among the red dunes of Mars 
File:Aztec or Mixtec sacrificial knife 2.jpg
1d10 Random Lovecraftian  Artifacts and Finds
  1. A blade made from the spinal column of some ancient alien beast sharped upon the micro tears between dimensions. The blade sings with the songs of damned souls as it slices through existence. 1d8 points of damage per strike and the blade will cause a wasting disease to anyone it strikes. 
  2. The dried tears from the cheeks of demon who has suffered in darkness trapped since before the first universe began. The tears will burst into flames when they touch the flesh of an innocent. There are always 1d8 and those whose find them use them to cause assassinations and wreck havoc among courts of interstellar royalty. They are always found in bags of dried leather flesh from some humanoid species. 
  3. A set of burnt crystal balls that are actually the eyes of some nameless horror. These things may be polished in the flames of certain alien volcanoes to create crystal balls of incredible psychic celerity but it is said that their owners still gaze from them as well. 
  4. A set of 1d8 blood diamonds created from the shed blood of star titans who did battle under ancient suns. These things are still slick with the violence of their making and anyone handling such items must save vs death or be over come with inhuman violence and blood shed. There is a 20% chance of an alien life form of murder trying to take possession from these items. They are used by certain ancient races to prepare their warriors for battle,murder, and warfare!
  5. A set of tablets craved by the tendrils of those who lived before this universe. They contain formula, spells, and incantations to reach the resting places of these ancient god things. Those who summon such horrors up may wreck their planets by the blood curses which are brought down by the Ancient Gods to keep such horrors in check. 
  6. The preserved hand of an ancient space god. This thing wishes to return to it's owner and may bless the finder with incredible powers of telepathy and telekinesis so long as they wear the glove. Their minds however will belong to the life force that inhabits this item and it have very alien agenda.
  7. This rod of alien metal is covered over with runes and strange whirls of an ancient language. Each one is actually a word to power as per AD&D. The language will creep into the mind of the owner and the words will reprogram the use with power and horror beyond the ken of mankind. They will carry out the will of ancient and terrible gods long dead. 
  8. This ring contains incredibly complex formula and configurations. The owner's mind will be overwritten by this powerful computer and become a slave of the ring. They will be expert engineers and mathematicians but there will be price for their serves. They will direct a crew of a star ship every two weeks on errands of singular and weird aspect. 
  9. This carved claw from the smaller digit of a star spawn of Cthulhu will cause its owner to become a supplicant of the great Old One. They will  seek out the nearest cult of this demon god and offer their services. The cult may destroy or swear alliance to the owner. They will spread the call of Cthulhu to all near by star systems. Eventually they will call down the wraith of the old ones to destroy some world in a massive sacrifice of depravity and insanity.
  10. This chest holds the life force of an ancient universe of evil and cancer. The stuff should it escape will call forth all of the ancient evils to reclaim this universe. The chest will be a source of great power to entities far and wide as well a prize for every star pirate, renegade, cult, and mad man who will be drawn to it. 

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