Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review and Commentary On The Print Version Of The Free Old School Resource - The World Of Thundarr The Barbarian

Tim Snider man of the Savage Afterworld sent me a hard copy of his wonderful free PDF of The World Of Thundarr the Barabarian. The Free PDF is available right over HERE  Scroll down the right hand side of the blog and download this piece of free Barbarian Saturday morning post apocalyptic old school awesomeness. 
No Saturday morning back in the early 80's were complete with out Thundarr, Okkla, and Princess Ariel. So let's ride right into this review. 

After unpacking the book, the first thing that really leaped out at me was the white border on Thundarr artwork. The layout is done in a solid two column style that is perfect for on the fly reading when your DMinng a bunch of rabble rousing post apocalyptic players!
 Fortunately I had help with this review of the book from my cat Trouble. The book contains a myriad of NPCs, monsters, classes, and the overflow from the world of Thundarr. Including a few mini adventure hooks that can easily be built into a pure solid post apocalyptic campaign 
After letting the cat take a look I was able to dive right in. The book is a solid overview of the world of Thundarr 

The Introduction lays the material pretty much at the feet of the DM and section by section we slide into the world of super science and sorcery after a run away comet has changed our world forever! 
Barbarians and Crocs are just waiting to help and foil adventurers! 
From Zogar's Trident To Yondo's Nega sword all of the Thundarrian usual suspects are here and waiting to be injected into your post apocalyptic world! The nice thing about Thundarr is the fact that this material can be used in a wide variety of settings and venues. Who knows when artifacts, monsters, and encounters might take place. 
Many of these items and monsters aren't campaign wreckers at all but enhancers that can add a bit more of a memorable encounter your games. Tim does a great job laying the material at the feet of the DM and getting the reader right into the thick of the action. 
Take look through the pdf and add  in some of your favorite Thundarrian monsters,NPC's, And Artifacts into your games today. I love this particular book for the added Saturday morning cartoon dimensions that  it brings to Mutant Future, Labryth Lord, and many other retroclones 
Special thanks to Tim Snider for the great gift and I'm off to get my players into solid trouble. 

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