Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Commentary and Review On The Free OSR Resource From Dragon's Foot - THE TEMPLE OF DIANCECHT By Lawrence R. Mead and Edward Winter

The Temple Diancecht
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This is a great ten page AD&D style adventure, this is one of the first adventures to get your PC's into the deep end of high stakes adventure. 

This is a solidly written and well worth the download. 

From The Dragonfoot blurb: 

Send your characters on a trip to the Temple Diancecht in this great adventure with a mystery to solve and holy items to gather. This is the first adventure contributed by Lawrence Mead and Edward Winter and it's well worth downloading and playing.

Here's what's really going on :
Long ago, the temple community of the clerics of Diancecht 
flourished. Well liked by
the town and city folk of the region, the Diancecht clerics were known for their special
healing and curative powers. Some the these powers, it is now said, were derived from
the honey of a certain variety of bee common to the area which the clerics kept and bred.
Indeed, pilgrimages were made to the temple annually in order to barter for and obtain
this golden-colored elixir.
In modern times, most folk have forgotten the sect of Diancecht and few alive can recall
the details of what happened there or why. But the local town clerics keep records and
can still remember the "old" days when the supply of golden honey was plentiful. When
the opportunity arose, two bold adventurers (the ghter Ejia and the monk Baleron) were
sent on the two week journey to the Temple Diancecht to explore and to return with any
cache of honey or other clerical items they could . It is now months since they left the
town and the elders are worried about them.

Using The Temple Diancecht

This is a great solidly written adventure in the old school tradition from Dragon's foot. The temple ruins are well mapped out and are perfect for a group of both experienced players and as an introduction adventure.
The idea of this adventure allows the sect of 
 Diancecht to be incorporated into your campaign. This is a great adventure for clerics to be exploited for the benefit of parties.
With a post apocalyptic game this adventure allows certain types of forgotten ancient wisdom to be introduced into a game. The encounters here are well balanced for both Labryth Lord or a Mutant Future game with little conversion where needed. Many of the themes here are very old school and present a well thought out adventure that can be exploited as a middle game adventure for some great pick up play. 

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