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1d30 Random Kaiju Organs As Loot Table For Your Old School Post Apocalyptic Campaigns

1d30 Random Kaiju Organs As Loot Table
  1. 1d30 pounds of Kaiju soft tissue that acts as a cure light wounds spell but must be placed on the wounds to work in the weird energies into the injury. Worth 300 GP's on the open market. 
  2. Brain issue from a secondary brain which can act as computer bio drive for most major hardware. Worth 200 to 400 GP's on the open market depending on freshness and condition. 
  3. Kaiju secondary sex organs used in virility treatments +2 charisma and constitution points per treatment. 200 gold pieces depend on market availability. 
  4. Nerve bundle material used in IQ treatments adds +2 wisdom points per treatment. 200 to 300 GP's per pound of material 
  5. Kaiju skin grafts  - 1  armor class per implantation but -2 to Charisma, 100 GP's per material must have nerve fibers intact for complete implantation. 
  6. Muscle material - This material adds +2 strength for each graft and implantation. The material must be no less then four hours old. 1d20 pounds worth about 100 GP's 
  7. Armored undercarrigage material great for making shields worth about 40 gold pieces and some of the most common material from Kaiju. This material is mostly immune to the special attacks of many monsters. 
  8. Super conductive fluid - This nerve enhancer material is often used as a special energy conductor on many science fantasy pieces of technology. Does 1d4 points of cold damage when exposed to flesh or bone. Worth 300 gold pieces when found. 
  9. 20000 volt bio electric organ - part of the bio conductive nervous system. This super charger organ can run many electrical devices. Will do 1d4 points of damage if handled wrongly or 1d8 if the Dm is feeling very nasty \
  10. Minor Optic organ - This organ can be used for potions of true seeing or as a targeting device if hooked up to a special display. Worth 400 GP's because the organ is rare and easily damaged. 
  11. Claw material that can be implanted in a humanoid hand or claw. Adds +2 to all hand to hand damage rolls. Worth 40 GP's because this is a common material. 
  12. Nerve Material add +1 to all Dex rolls, this is a stable nerve cluster organ. Worth 100 GP's 
  13. Macro cell nucleus - This cell material may be used to make a potion or haste or minor healing. The macro cell material is worth 50 GPS for every pound found. 
  14. Tendril Material - This material is used in the construction of high density fibers for many common fabrics and canvases. 24 GPS per pound. 
  15. Third psychic brain material - This material must be injected into a subject's skull and brain directly. The material will cause one random psychic power to manifest inside the mind of the implanted. There is 24 percent chance of the fool's head exploding from within. 
  16. Minor organ tissue mix - This material may be used to enhance one mutation within a subject. The stuff is quite rare and worth a cool 400 GP's because of the conditions need to create this material 
  17. An organ filled with bio acid - Worth 300 gold pieces to an alchemist if miss handled will do 1d6 points of damage every round. 
  18. Bio solvent stored with a glandou sac, worth 200 gold piece because of the rarity and condition of the find. 
  19. A fused piece of living bone, can be used to clone more or to create a full bone healing potion. Used in the treatment of certain types of bone cancer. Worth 300 to 500 GP's depending on the condition. 
  20. An eye from a Cthlhuoid 'god', the insane thing can still see through it. And the thing hunts for the missing eye. Give true sight three times per day. Worth 400 GP's to 20 GP's depending if the fools have implanted it within their skulls. 
  21. A piece of a giant monster of unknown qualities, a renowned hunter is gunning for the thing. The material is worth 200 gold pieces if the characters can find a buyer. 
  22. The small spider like creature is actually an unknown species of parasite that is worth 100 gold pieces to the right collector. The thing will try to attach itself to other humans. 
  23. A claw from some nameless Lovecraftian horror, worth 300 gold pieces to a collector. 
  24. Old scar material that is used in the creation of potions of regeneration. Worth 200 GP's but only to the right collector. 
  25.  Glands from the roof of the month used to make fire. These smell of some strange oil. The material is used in fire starter formula. 100 gold pieces 
  26. A piece of an eye, this material is used in eagle eye implants. Cost is  about 400 gold pieces. 
  27. A cross section of flesh, if with trouble this material will defend its owner with a shower of spores that do 1d4 points of damage. 
  28. A weird glowing piece of radioactive flesh that can act as a battery to many devices. Will last 1d6 days depend on charge. 
  29. A thorny cross section of some unknown kaiju. The material regenerates as a troll. The thing make form into a full monster with 1d8 days. Worth about 300 to the right buyer. 
  30. An alien piece of tissue that actually belongs a Star Spawn of Cthlhu. The owner wants it back. The thing will cause all kinds of chaos wherever it goes. Worth 30 GP's. 

Many of these organs must be handled by a professional alchemist for cleansing, preparation, and the chemical process to neutralize the materials. There is 10% chance that the material will consume the host from the inside out.
There is a 40% chance of the owner of the implantation may reject the owners body and does 1d4 points of damage to it's host body. Prices are subject to change and the material can not be any older then 1d6 days old. 

Only specialist healers, wizards, certain doctors, and mad scientists will do the operations necessary to have these improvements made by the implantation of these weird Kaiju organs within PC's. There is 10% chance per month of owning one of these types of implants that they will be rejected by the body of the current owner. 

Here's the complete lowdown on the background and history of Kaiju on Wiki HERE


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