Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review and Commentary On the Free Post Apocalyptic Resource - The Mutant Manual Two by Scott Hover For Mutant Monday!

 Another Free Download From Twisted Mind of Kellri aka Scott Hover for Your Mutant Monday 
Right Over HERE
Scroll down the blog till you hit the pdf's and grab the one marked Mutant Manual II  
This was part of Kellri's mutant fueled love letter to first and second edition Gamma World way back in the echoes and eddies of 2005. This is a short little book filled with Mutants for both first and second edition Gamma World. I really used the hell out of this book in 2006 for my own stripped down version of James Ward's classic. 

 This is another well laid out and organized free Gamma World download which clocks in at seventy two pages with encounter charts for all of the mutant critters found within. This is a pretty solid little read and easily converted to your favorite post apocalyptic retroclone like Mutant Future. There's not one piece of wasted space in this book. It's simply wall to wall mutant death from all of the usual fauna and flora and some stateless creatures including some new mutations and madness. 
 This is stripped down, statted up non BS Gamma World just waiting to be presented to your players. Since most of this material is for a very well done first and second editions of Gamma World its actually pretty easy to use these monsters with your favorite retroclone as well including Labyrinth Lord or even AD&D first edition if you've got your DM's guide handy. Basically Scott lays out his OSR philosophy and ideas about the Gamma World game and its mutant denizens right out there. If you can read the above. This is no nonsense DYI gaming and its all free. 
 As you can see from the lay out this should be vary familiar to the Gamma World DM and its right at your finger tips for your classic gaming experience. Even though this is a free download there is an air of professional writing with this one. Once again Scott's done a rather clever slight of hand editing trick by fully getting the mutant terrors into the book in such a way that its easy to drop and randomly encounter the horrors on the fly. This keeps the 'random encounters fresh, the players guessing, the power armor guarded by horrors from beyond the pale of mutant kind.
Grab this one while you can folks. All in all not a bad book for free for one of the post apocalyptic corner stones. 


  1. I hope someone, somewhere is hard at work on land battleship technology, because that is awesome.

  2. Look up the Russian massive tank that they tried to build during WWII and then weep. Mars might be the place because of the lighter gravity and perhaps space age materials. At least that's the story in my games. Awesome stuff though and thanks for the comments.


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