Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review And Commentary On The Free OSR Adventure - Palace of the Jewelled Menagerie From Faster Monkey Games

The Palace of the Jeweled Menagerie  from Faster Monkey Games is a great one shot adventure for most old school retroclones. This wonderful little free adventure is perfect for a one night one shot or as an introduction hook into a full blown campaign.
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From The Drivethrurpg blurb :
The Remarkable Shelley Harlan, superhumanly precise editor for Faster Monkey Games, brings her own fiendish nature to the task of tormenting foolish players with the compact yet devious PALACE OF THE JEWELLED MENAGERIE. Originally created for the One Page Dungeon project, PALACE challenges players on multiple levels. The answers to this one aren't in your stats, kids...
So you know that this is going to be a well put together two page adventure.

Using The Palace Of The Jeweled Menagerie For Your Old School Campaigns  

This two page adventure can be used in a wide variety of games and with the right space based game could be used as a jump off point. The adventure has a very old school premise and can be used as a drop off point for a one shot game with just about any of the old school retro clone D&D style games. All in all its not a bad little free old school style adventure and because its laid out. This one makes a very solid weekend adventure to throw the PC's into.
Grab it while you can! 

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