Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Commentary On The Free OSR Dragon's Foot Resource - Foot Print's Magazine # !5 For Your Old School Science Fantasy Game

During tonight's Post Apocalyptic Mars game using The Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea game I had an encounter worked up using a crashed space craft and an ancient undead horror. The undead monster was worked up from Footprint's Issue #15.


Grab it Free
Here's whats in this issue and how to use it. 

Historically Resonant Coinage (article)  The background of coins can be used in any science fiction or science fantasy game to create a more realistic coin or treasure based corner of your games. The background here is solid and could be used to flesh out human and near human currency. 
Haunted Inn of the Little Bear (adventure) - This adventure could be used in a sword and sorcery campaign. This one has a definite horror adventure and can be used very effectively by a DM. Very old school. 

Vampire Bat (monster) - The Vampire bat has a myriad of uses for old school games and is a solid indicator of evil for campaigns and makes a good change of pace for a strange encounter. 
Powrie (monster) - An interesting monster with a solid background that could be used a different encounter during a science fantasy game. An easily adapted old school monster with some interesting ideas. 
Gift in Early and Late AD&D (article) - A solid little article. 
Ruminations of an Aging DM (article)- There are some good ideas in this article and some of what the author says does ring true even today. 
Random Phantom Generator (article/monster) - This random generator has some teeth and used correctly can surprise the hell out of some players who might think that they know every single phantom or ghostie in your old school game. For an added twist use these guys as energy based life forms. 
Give Your Cities Some Character (article)- This article can be used as the basis for an alien city or science fantasy spread. There are some good ideas here. 

Besides the usual AD&D first edition material for this issue. Many of the articles in this issue of Footprints have uses in a wide variety of games including campaign settings such as Carcosa.
Space based games where a strange life form might toss a party a curve ball and even in a post apocalyptic game where a weird encounter could serve as a gate way to another world or even as a bridge gap for a brand new campaign. 
All in all this is solid little free magazine download. 

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