Friday, March 7, 2014

Five Old School Saturday Morning Cartoon Introductions As Inspirations For Your Old School A Science Fantasy Campaign

The Herculoids 1967 

Space Ghost 1967 

The Mighty Mightor 1967 

The Galaxy Trio 1967 

Frankenstein Junior/ The Fantastics  1966 

The 1960's were some of the best years for animation in America. This is a quick cross section of animation of  the Hanna Barbara studios. I loved all this stuff growing up and thought I'd share. Much the background material, characters, and situations have appeared over the years in old school games of mine.
One of the biggest influences though remains the original Johnny Quest


  1. Jonny Quest also has one of the best theme songs ever composed.

    Every episode has gaming material in it.

  2. You need to look up the Jonny Quest behind the scenes documentary that a gentlemen did. I believe it's in about 14 or 15 parts up on Youtube.
    Jonny Quest is amazing and solid old school gaming material. Thanks for the comment fractalbat.


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