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Review and Commentary On The Free OSR Adventure From '&' Magazine - # &1 The Valley Of Eternal Rest For Your Old School Campaigns

Adventure &1 – The Valley of Eternal Rest

The Valley of Eternal Rest Cover

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This is '&' magazine's first adventure module, a series of cemeteries, tombs, and overviews of their inhabitants and old school weirdness. This is a forty page adventure that while oriented to AD&D 1st edition could be adapted to about ninety percent of the retroclones on the market including AS&SH more on that in a moment.
This module is a perfect mid campaign adventure that has multiple locations that can be easily adapted to a number of locations within a campaign. Because of the fast and loose way that this module is designed it can easily fit into a campaign at a point where a party needs treasure, relics, and is desperate to make a bit of cash on the side.
This module provides lots of opportunities to to really hose the PC's while getting the players right into the thick of whatever undead creations that the DM wants to spring on them.
There are quite a few adventure hooks that a Dm could exploit to his or her advantage to really move their old school campaign right along.
The oblivious Ravenloft style campaign adaption of this module makes it a great choic for a horror game but that's only one possibilities.
This module is well written first effort that could easily be adapted into a location for either a science fantasy or science fiction adventure location with an over arching Gothic flavor. I'm thinking Space Vampires here and those Sunday afternoon movie of the week style of adventures. Perfect fodder for X plorers and Stars Without Number with some work as far as conversion goes. 
However with a bit of work this is a fantastic module to adapt to AS&SH because of the nature of the often spoken 'Green Death' plague that echos through the sword and sorcery rpg. There must a metric ton of old school cemeteries with thousands of residence in that world. This module makes a nice, quick, free introduction to that aspect of the game. All in all this is a perfect free mid point old school adventure/campaign resource.

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