Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Voice Among The Red Glass - The First Appearance Of The Cult of The Wraith - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play - A Stars With Number Campaign Along With A Free SWN Download

The PC's in tonight's game moved with the renegade  tribe that they've hooked up with deeper into the Martain deserts to an area of  ruins called The Red Glass. The PC's came across another tribe of Red Martians that they had never seen before camped out near some burned out ruins. They made the universal signs of peace and the tribe indicated they wanted to trade. They traded with the tribe and everything seemed to be going well. 

That is until a group of raiders appeared on Grav bikes. These were humans and they brought down some heavy fire power on the heads of the red warriors. The party got into their ATV and brought weapons to bare but things got out of hand very quickly. The new comers scattered the tribe to the four winds and injured three of the warriors. The renegades showed up to lend a hand and then radioed for the PC's to back up sighting the fact that these new comers were part of the cult of Wrath and taboo to the Martians.
The PC's backed off rather then risk loosing valuable trade and salvage partners. They withdrew deeper into the desert city ruins rather then fight at this point but boy did the questions start!
Why was an Earth cult doing on Mars? Was the Wraith himself here on Mars? What forces did the bastard possess here on Mars and Mars belongs to the Martian colonists and not some upstart from Earth.
The PC's spotted the grav bikes a few days later poking around some of the deeper desert ruins of older Martian colony ruins. They were sneaking up on them when a strange telepathic message warned the PC's off and a strangled cry was heard!
To be continued next week! Here's a map of the ruins from tonight's game! 

The Cult of the Wraith is from the Other Dust material from SWN. This is a seven page freebie that allows the DM to customize the cult of the Wraith. In my case I'm doing exactly that. The DYI aspect of SWN appeals to my old school gamer mentality and allows me to shape this cult the way I want for my game. You can find the freebie down below. 

Get It Right

He Who Sees, Lord of the Watchers.

Among the maddened courts of the Crazed the Wraith is riddle even to his foes. For two hundred years Solomon Nkwame has fought an unending battle against his demented peers, his loyal Watchers striking from the fog of precognitive invisibility and maiming rival cults with secrets stolen from within their own ranks. Does the Wraith truly seek to liberate the New Earth from the scourge of the Crazed, or does he merely desire a world scraped clean of his rivals?
In the Cult of the Wraith you will learn of Nkwame's polymorphic past and get the tools you need to decide his own role in your game. Is he a valiant protector from a lost age, a bringer of knowledge and freedom from the agonies of the Crazed? Or is he only a more seductive kind of lunatic, a deceiver who lures his minions in with hopes to feed their desperate desires? Design the Wraith's back story to suit your own game and let your players discover the truth as best they can.
Inside, you'll find...
  • Details on Solomon Nkwame, the mysterious Crazed known as the Wraith.
  • Information on his secretive cult and the forbidden training in psychic mastery that they offer the desperate outcasts of the New Earth.
  • Statistics for his cult members and the arch-psion himself.
  • The nullifying art of Abnegation, a brand-new psionic discipline to use in your own game.
Cult of the Wraith is written for the Other Dust post-apocalyptic role-playing game, but its contents are fully compatible with the free Stars Without Number role-playing game, including a section on using the Wraith in your far-future campaign.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the direction of tonight's game with my players and friends. We'll be picking this up in a couple of days. There's more stuff coming up and do yourselves a favor. Grab This free download and Other Dust if you haven't already. They're worth the download effort in my humble opinion but your mileage as always may vary. 

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