Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fire Under The Sand - A Post Apocalyptic Mars Actual Play For The Stars Without Numbers Rpg System

During to tonight's game I decided to give the PC's something really nasty to deal with they've been taking quite a bit of time with some of the ruins that they've been exploring near the 'Robot's Graveyard' a massive pit of ancient ruins and mecha as well as combat robot remains along with lots and lots of unidentifiable technology.  While exploring a few side tunnels in tonight's game a the sensors on ATV explorer started giving off a warning. They'd just discovered the remains of an Orion style atomic rocket( want to know more about the Orion project? Go right over HERE ) with its pile still intact. They were going to tag it when something huge and nasty started to roll in. 
That's when the Flame tanks from Apex Heavy Division rolled in. These massive treaded monsters are a simple, and cost effective mechanism for dealing with abnormal threats upon the Martian landscape. These tanks were followed by masses of 1d30 android post tech troopers.
 The PC's mecha weren't going to be a match for the mutant life form cleansing flame tanks and their white clad android troopers. The PC's quickly worked their way down tunnel dropping a radio beacon upon their Nuclear rocket find. They left the troopers to their cleansing.

The Apex Heavy Industry Flame Tank 
The Flame Tanks is a perfect answer to your genocidal mutant cleansing projects. Built of light space age materials and armor, this android drive and controlled tank is the perfect economical and cost effectiveness way of dealing with mutant populations,zombie infestations,and rebel tribal martian nests of resistance.
Each tank boasts six space age flame throwers which have an effective range of over 
500/2000 . They can quickly and easily solve any problem of mutant Martian madness in a timely fashion. 

Original Source Right Over HERE
Flame Tank 

Cost: 40,000 
Speed: 4 
Armor: 7 
Hit Points: 25 
Crew :6 
TL: 3/4 with space age materials 
Weapons: 6 Rapid Deploying Flame Throwers 3d6 damage per round Range 500/2000
Magazine 20 Cost 8,000 
The Horrifying Flame Tank of the 1930s Meant to End All Wars

Android Flame Trooper Crewmen/Soldiers  

Number 1d6 
Armor Class: 4 

Hit Dice: 2 
Attack Bonus +2 
Damage 2d8 mag rifle, flame thrower 1d4 per shot followed by same damage each round. 
Saving Throw 15+ 
Morale: 9 
Skill bonus:+1
Another Scott Hover aka Kellri Free Download
The Weird Science PDF 

 There are times when you need a random high tech artifact and your players know ever single technological artifact in your favorite post apocalyptic old school rpg and science fiction retro clone. 
We've got you covered! Simply go over to Scott Hover's old blog and download the Weird Science pdf.  Grab it Right Over HERE 
 The PDF is nice because it works well with just about any science fiction retro clone and has that old school DYI vibe built in. The pdf has come in handy time and again especially with SWN. All in all a very handy download. We use the same pick from column A. and column B method of old school game design.

Because of the retrofuture vibe of my post apocalyptic Mars game and the fact that I've got to sometimes come up with techno babble artifacts on the fly. This is a plus.Work into this equation with background of the SWN game and you can see why this one is a handy thing to have at the table when your players are rolling dice to figure out what the shiny, black,metal and plastic box from an alien lost city is. 


  1. Good Stuff! Kellri has some great resources!

  2. That really is part of the problem though, folks have no idea the amount of free and no cost resources out there. Over the years there has been a metric ton of stuff that has come down the pike for old school gaming, much of Kellri's stuff has come through the old alt.Gamma World email list. I used to follow that back in the days of 2000 through 2006. The material came through as part of the 'De evolution' material. Scott has also done a ton of old school references for OD&D as well. Many of these are also useful for AS&SH as well. More to come. Thanks for the comments.


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