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Commentary On The Free OSR Resource - Dragonslayer Pantheon: Order of the Sacred Deep From Chubby Monster Games For Your Old School Science Fantasy Campaign

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Need a different take on a religion for some of your goblins and goblinoid life forms? A bit of a spin on all of the usual material that hashes out religion, gods, and the world around them? We've got just the ticket.A ten page, well thought out campaign addition.  This is a system neutral product that can easily slipped into an existing campaign.
The material easily be used and slipped into an old school science fantasy campaign as well to prove something different for your PC's.
 The nature of the product allows a DM to add this sort of flavor to many genres including a sword and sorcery campaign like an Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea. Adding in this style of goblin allows the DM to add in some new pulp wrinkles on the usual tired old goblin traditions. All the  while giving the monster more structure and adding a bit of flesh onto the usual tropes of the  goblinoid race.
Because of the nature of the product, I can actually see slipping this little monkey wrench into a post apocalyptic game for the added addition of the unexpected.
There are myriad uses for a product like this. Here are some ideas below.
 According to the blurb:
The Dragonslayer Pantheon—Issue 1
The Order of the Sacred Deep is a religious organization designed to interact with your player characters in your existing setting. The resource is system neutral. Inside you will find suggestions for how to place the group, and what people know about them. You get a crisp summary of facts about the group's beliefs and organization. This resource provides ways to increase or decrease the threat they pose, sample members of the organization, a list of adventure hooks, and more.
 Here's what you get in this resource and how it can be used with your old school science fantasy campaigns. - 
Page 1- Cover art
Page 2- Contents & credits
Page 3- Placement of the shrines and common knowledge of the order- This material can easily be adapted into a xeno cultural survey for a game like Stars Without Number or X plorers for lots of flavor and an added fictional background. 
Page 4- Secrets of the order- There are levels here that allow a DM to customize the ideas and culture of these goblins. 
Page 5- Five different levels of difficulty for the order (allows you to choose to have the order a light-hearted lot of bunglers or a super-scary sect of holy assassins)Goblins can be comic relief or used as a faction unto themselves for your campaign that includes creating these goblinoid life forms as a truly nasty bunch for a game of SWN or as vile villains for a game like X plorers. These goblins have some background and ideas here. 
Page 6- Five NPC sketches - Here are some solid NPC's to introduce the order into your game. 
Page 7- Practices & traits of the order - Even more details on these little bastards that turns them from simple old school monsters into truly adventure hooks. 
Page 8- 10 adventure hooks- Even more options for the order. Handy with both an OD&D game or Xplorers. 
Page 9- Simple graphic and descriptions of a sample shrine - This comes in very handy for a visual reference for adding more spice to a game and giving players more reference on this old school religion. 
Page 10- Ideas to integrate this into your campaign and a link to more background- This is where the game product really shines because of the system agnostic nature of this product the ideas here are interesting, entertaining, and are a good gate way drug into doing more with this campaign resource.
All in all its not a bad little old school resource that really does live up to the system agnostic banner. 

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