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The Wilds of Yithaoan- The Fungi Brood World Of The Dream Plane

Yithaoan isn't on the normal space charts because its a forbidden world. During the war with the with the flying polyps & the vast intergalactic struggles with Cthulhu's foul brood certain worlds became battle grounds were the weapons of the Yithians were released. These weapons caused the world itself to shift completely out of faze with the normal universe. Since then vast fungal varieties have spread across the face of this world. Many believe its because of the remains of the corpses of the  polyps & the remains of Cthulhu's brood that such bizarre fungus thrives.
More frightening is the fact that several varieties of fungus still survive there.

[The flying polyps were a] horrible elder race of half polypous, utterly alien entities... They were only partly material and had the power of aerial motion, despite the absence of wings... [They exhibited] a monstrous plasticity and ... temporary lapses of visibility... [S]ingular whistling noises and colossal footprints made up of five circular toe marks seemed also to be associated with them.
—H. P. Lovecraft, "The Shadow Out of Time"
This is however a rogue world seemingly unhinged in the time space continuum itself! It appears when, where, & at its own whims. Several Yithian cities can still be seen across the face of the world. Power, lifeforms, etc. all indicate the presence of  thriving cities yet all the explorers have found is horror death & destruction waiting for them on the surface. This world claims many more victims each year as the remains of space ships floating in orbit indicate.
  As an Earth Type variety A-2 world, Yithaoan  also boasts several varieties of mutated primitive dinosaurian  life forms which some scientists speculate may have been transported to the world millions of years ago.

Repeated what seems to draw all manner of treasure hunters to this world is speculation of a working but malfunctioning Yithian Time Tunnel being run by a mad Alien Intelligence slaved to said device. Examples of what may lie waiting here can be found Here
 The fact that strange dimensional weather related events happen every 72 hours with some regularity isn't a concern to the inhabitants.Table-d30-Damned-Thing
Wild Encounters  Roll 1d10 
  1. The ents (evil)
  2. Shambling mounds 
  3. Group of shriekers roll 1d6 to indicate how many 
  4. Vegepygmy tribes 
  5. Yellow Musk Creeper & attendant zombies 
  6. tigerflies
  7. plant-ants
  8.  termights
  9. Mutant Dinosaur (Game Master creation) 
  10. Yithian construct (Game Master creation)
Deep Wild Encounters Roll 1d10 

  1. Doughpot, a mass of fast-moving undifferentiated protoplasm that absorbs every living thing in its path, and whose touch is fatal to humans.
  2. Spores which instantly infest any life-form unfortunate enough to have its skin pierced
  3. Triops noctivians is a three-eyed monstrosity that feeds upon anything it can find
  4. Jack-ketch trees use long, leathery branches, shaped with a hole like nooses, to strangle and kill their prey. They are black, for they have no need for photosynthesis, and obtain all their sustenance from the creatures they catch.
  5. Oscar -a species of warm-blooded mobile plants with a communal intelligence
  6.  Stinging Palms, whose barbs can cause infection among humans if not treated.
  7. Slinkers, small and ratlike with nasty tempers. 
  8. Parcat, a cat-sized animal with a single hind leg and the ability to mimic sounds, including snippets of human conversation.
  9. Loonies, a humanoid race of only moderate intelligence with large balloonlike heads at the end of long, slim necks
  10.  Dream-beast, lures its prey by projecting illusions into their minds.

Those who land here have a 48 hour window before the world begins to fade back into the Outer Darkness surrounding the time space continuum but some of have said that the world actually fades into the human subconscious. There is speculation that the world also has a malevolent streak & lies in wait sending out strange dreams to those whom it deems worth of its attentions. 
  The siren call of the planet always attracts the foolish, the desperate, & the adventurous. It most always ends badly!

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