Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Sand Men of Tarruss

Sweet Sweet Tarruss  so the poem goes is one of the most beautiful planets in Human Space. Yet many consider it closer to the darkest Hells.

Taruss itself is a rolling world of beaches, bright water & 3 suns  
You see them in every space port with their bags of nano sand & they are always there with a predators smile. Strange men with heavy beards & the strange cloths of the out lander, skinned tanned by the hours of deep space time. They offer the dreams of a life time within those bags of theirs.
Two sand men courting minor house royalty  for  certain  courtly favors  
They offer a pleasure beyond compare for 1d4 rounds as the nanite sand works its way through your mind rewiring your brain till it wants more & you'll do anything to make that happen again. Anything.

A dreamer experiencing the negative side effects of the sands of Tarruss 
The Sand itself is a marvel of nanite & planar engineering on a micro cosmic scale. Each grain is engineered to tap into the brain's hard wiring & give the user the impression that they are receiving the most incredible sensations ever. The sand grants the controller the following super science powers: Esp, Empathy, & Holographic Projection (Extended) -The controller may allow the illusion to continue for as long as the user wills it. At the flick of a control the illusion may become the user's worst night mare & the person will begin to take damage after 1d4 rounds unless the victim makes a saving throw versus death.
A few examples of the nanite sand of the of the traders of Tarruss
Notice the inner reactor mechanisms
The final level of the dependency that the Sandmen offers is the "Cave" a dream world where the thoughts & dreams of the user shape the planar energies that they are wired in to experience. They are wired into their world surgically. These dreams shape the delicate planar energies that make Tarruss a pleasure world & provide it with great weather all around & all of the measures of paradise. But it is only so as long as the supplicants are alive. This is why there are also more sand men in the space ports & moving through society

Dream a little dream ! 


  1. That red dude looks uncomfortable and in need of a meatball sub.

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  3. Evil sand? Why does that not surprise me?

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  4. Yes Trey Evvvvvilll sand & could ya make me a meatball sub as well as Trey!
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  5. Trey: I'll send you two.

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