Friday, July 15, 2011

The M'zsiqu - The Imbued


No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: varies
Attacks: 2 or 4 (see below)
Damage: 1d8 
Morale: Varies 

They are the remains of a mechanical society spawned across a galactic empire a billion years gone. They have remained in suspension all this time. They are tools looking for masters & they are starting to be used throughout the fringes of the Human Space.  They are found through out many space ports for sale by owners who are completely unaware of the creature lurking in plain sight.  They may be armed with a random variety of weapons
 Random Energy Weapons 
  1. Mega Watt Laser 
  2. mini x ray laser 
  3. A mini disintegrator ray
  4. Particle Beam cannons 
  5. fulgurator 
  6. Heat ray 
  7. Mini grenade launcher 
  8. Tesla Death Ray 
  9. Pulse Pistol 
  10. Mini Missiles 
 Power Melee Weapons 

  1. Spinning blades
  2. Vibro-blades 
  3. Brain drills 
  4. Cranial Drainers 
  5. Body fluid Pumps 
  6. Body tissue accumulator

These creatures have strange even completely alien agendas. There are those scientist who speak of ancient blood feuds between 2 factions created millions of years ago. They also speak of  strange tri faced masters who travel the cosmos in whirling space craft of add geometry guarded by their unspeakable & unfeeling robot creations..
 There is evidence that one set of these mini monsters serves a large destructive force now moving somewhere near the heart of the milky way galaxy. There is talk of some monstrous mechanical force know as Kronos ravaging stars & planets near the center of the galaxy surrounded by hordes of robotic life forms
Super Science Powers 

  • Suggestion 
  • Levitation 
  • Teleportation 
  • Attractor Field 
  • Machine Empathy 
  • Control Machine 
  • Extra vision 
  • Electrical Discharge 
  • Nanite Infection - The Imbued have billions of nanites swarming through their blood. These nanites may infect humans & near humans if they get into an open wound. They can cause health problems & possible death is a save vs is not rolled. In the very least a person will be sick for 1d4 days. 
  •  Holographic projection - The Imbued use a superior form of holographic projection to take on the appearance of local technology. Super science powers may show these robotic life forms for what they are unless the Imbued rolls a save vs itself 
  • Nanite Transformation - The Imbued may make a roll & disguise itself as a piece of local technology. They may function as this piece of technology as the millions of nanites that make up the imbued create the illusion of functionality
  • Drain Of  Kronos -  Certain factions of the imbued have this ability. The creature is able to drain off a level of a victim. The victim will appear old, aged, & very haggard. The victim must roll a save vs death to avoid this awful fate. Many Imbued share this ability with their owners allowing a sort of horrid immortality. 
*Please note that all Imbued characters use the Android & Robot matrix in Human Space Empires for experience.
This entry is for Joey my other half whose always wanted to play a "transformer" style character in one of my games. Happy seven years honey! 

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