Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Lights Of Ithuguallag

The Lights Of  Ithuguallag

  Ithuguallag is a world terraformed, with a thriving industry of plutonium refinment & ore processing. This is not a world alone though. The world's original inhabitants have been described as "shadows with no substance, in the shape of men" these things have been seen from every corner of the boom towns, the shady wharves & holiday houses. Each & every time the strange lights shine over the bays & coves of this beautiful world. 
   The application of super science may hold these things at bay for a while a year or two but they always seem to creep back as the winter's approach. The religious leaders are at a loss & many a lover has found these things staring at them from the darkness of the night.
 Those who have sat within the after glow of the sunsets have seen the strange lights of stars that don't exist & the light does odd things to a person's mind. They suddenly find themselves reliving strange alien existences from a billion years ago. Flabby eyed gill creatures swam the methane depths of this world long before the lights faded from their civilization. 

Those who follow the lights from shore to shore across Ithuguallag can be seen reliving that past civilization in a dream like trace.  A strange inner glow shines from within their eyes & many avoid them out of superstitions fear.
Now the light is spreading across the galaxy at a fantastic rate as the The Lights Of Ithuguallag begin to dawn upon worlds where the methane breathers once trod! 

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