Monday, July 4, 2011

Television Tuesday - Lost In Space - The Condemned Of Space - Adventure Idea

 Happy Post July Fourth All You Far Out Spacers! Today saw me watching Lost In Space Season three episode one & thinking about Human Space Empires!  A brief summery follows: The Robinsons have to leave the planet they are on. Once in space, the robot is swept overboard and has to be rescued. While rescuing the robot, the Robinsons find a prison ship filled with cryogenically preserved prisoners.
     Phanzig(while he has Dr. Smith in the cat's cradle noose) I'm as innocent as the day I was born. As gentle as the day is long, harmless, tender. A prince of virtue. 

 This has got to be one of my all time favorite episodes its got everything a dungeon master could want really! 

  • A space station/ship full of cryogenically  frozen criminals - 9000 of them plus each one frozen with a his or her weapons of choose just waiting for the pc's to activate them 
  • Robby The Robot playing the prison guard armed with a freeze ray device. Save vs death ray or be frozen in place 
  • Broken cryogenics clock/ AI with a boat load of condemned prisoners with bad accents 
  • Planet X  gets destroyed by a passing republic serial style comet 
  • Weird Irwin Allen Technology all over the place 
  •  Phanzig - A strange faux alien Italian strangler who plays a very mean game of cat's cradle. 4th level adventurer with a skill or two in beam weapons. What is that strange looking ray gun he's using?
  • There is a good chance that the pc's might become simply another set of condemned aboard this strange ghost ship! 
The pc's can easily take the place of the crew of the Jupiter Two & have a grand time aboard the prison ship. For a dark twist the prisoners might still be murderous space psycho paths hell bent 
on killing everyone!  

Watch the Complete Episode Here !! 

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