Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Knights of Quixote

Knights of Quixote- Dedicated, Ancient, & deadly .
Roberts planet was an incredible paradise world created just after the first of man kind's leaps into space in 16800 AD. Created to be a pseudo- European fantasy land with knights, dragons, & all sorts of fairy tale trappings the world was a huge draw with its incredible androids & life like simulacra.  
 It all ended in 21200 when the world was thrown into a pocket universe by one of the first violent conflicts with the Regulans. The entire world plus its moon were sucked into the void by an Interfogulator. The world hasn't been seen in a very long time. 
   Until now. Recently the world came out of a rend in time & space completing its last orbit that it had been in when it entered the event horizon. Tourism is cautiously returning to the world & the knights themselves have entered into the galactic political arena in a very low key way. 
A planetary expedition was dispatched immediately in the hopes of learning the fate of this beautiful world. The expedition detected no life signs & everything seemed perfectly preserved. The party landed & proceeded apace. That is until one of the members of the party broke into a faux manor house & assumed it was abandoned. It was not.. The caretakers of the residence were still there & they had evolved! 
Ancient beyond today's standards the robots & androids had evolved in cunning ways. Time proceeded apace within the void at its own rate. The Roberts world had been abandon during the war & not a single human remained. Robert's world was named after its eccentric creator whose ground breaking work for the Ministry of  Technology is very well documented. Roberts based much of his work on robotic anatomy from  
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci & his revolutionary postronic design from a Pre Atomic War firm known as Cyberdyne Systems. However his work went light years beyond Cyberdyne's tired old work. 

The interior of one of the Knight's designs

The knights themselves are suits of armor over an end-skeleton of nano muscular material complete with a pseudo skull implanted with  neo cybernetic cortex & brain. The entire assembly is completely independent & capable of  upgrading itself. Each knight receives its education & goals from a hive mind informational data cloud that surrounds the entire planet. As each knight advances its life path their cybernetic personalities go back to the cloud for frequent "upgrades".Each knight is an individual with its own personality goals, wants, desires, etc. 
They have named themselves after the old pre Atomic novel  Don_Quixote & strive to live up to the virtues that are so frequently talked about within books of chivalry. These knights have gone on to be advisers, warlords, & many other functions throughout Human Space. It is rumored that the other inhabitants of Roberts Planet are even now living among the population of human space. 
 Even though they follow the "code of chivalry" there are all sort of  viewpoints  & twistings of  the codes  as their individual knights. Players who wish to play knights as a race should use the proper experience matrix found within the Human Space Empire rule book 

No. Enc.: 1d4(party)
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 9
Attacks: 2 (see below)
Damage: 2-12
Morale: 12

Each knight stands just over 6 ft tall & is armored with a faux steel & laser resistant plate.Knights  are highly intelligent, equipped with a positronic brain deep inside the torso. Some (25%) are programmed to speak 1-4 common interstellar languages and all are capable of communicating in Machine language and include built in medium-range communicator devices. Their feet are outfitted with robotic climbing claws for difficult terrain. Knights are immune to mind affecting powers. They are armed with a wide variety of pre atomic weapons & a special magnetic blaster. They may magnetically return this weapon to themselves should it be dropped. 
Inspired by Lost-in-space-the-questing-beast


  1. I bet the knight chasing the dragon in that Lost in Space episode may be one of these guys.

  2. Damn it Trey you spotted the reference straight away! Thanks for the kind words as always.


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