Thursday, July 21, 2011

Etugiror- The Psi Sword Of Calandurmathu

Etugiror- The Psi Sword Of Calandurmathu 

In the third eon of the Hallowed Epoch, the sub-race of the Pé Chói known as the D'e Gro' had among their ranks the noted scholar & weapon maker Spydaer. This being assembled from the most delicate crystal matrices & perma- steel castings two blades. One he looked at & was disgusted by its sub par blade but the other was known as Etugiror. For many years he carried the weapon & mastered the subtly of the blade until the time of his final mating cycle. The blade was to be passed on to his progeny. Alas  Spydaer was killed defending his home planet against a swarm from a  Nano-Flare Nursery. The blade has been thought lost for eons until recently when it was seen in a pawn shop on Hnalla II. Perhaps some soul will retrieve it from the depths of  the strange sub levels of hnalla among the alien ghettos at Greor's shop. The blade awaits its new owner 

  • The blade imparts upon its wielder a simple form of telepathy which can detect the presence of another creature within 12 ft in radius which is always active. 
  • Neo-Cascade Area- Once per day the blade will cause everything around the user to slow as per the super science power the wielder is un slowed for 3 combat round however 
  • The blade has  bio-Switch technology which locks out unauthorized access to your psi blade so you have peace of mind this psi powered  is safe when you're not around.
  • Once per day the blade may emit a powerful pulse of light & blind a target unless a save vs is made 
  • The blade will also glow green blue in the presence of the ancient Ssú
  • The blade psychically sings its history to its new wielder after having bonded with him. The wielder may add his song to the blade's  at the end of his life. 
  • The blade will asked to be returned to the planet Calandurmathu for proper disposal if it should be damaged beyond repair. 
  • It is said that the spirit of Etugiror still rests within the psi sword & adds his fury to any wielder facing the the ancient Ssú or their allies. A +1 damage for every attack made on the Ssú. It is said Etugiror's  telepathic battle cry can be heard by his enemies. 

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