Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Kanaululirian The Ships That Sail The Worlds

Drown within the darkness, the dead men wail drowning within their sorrow as deep space comforts them down in the Outer Darkness 
The dead come easily when called back to the world of men & the insane again.  
This life hungers for those who have passed beyond the rolling seas of reality. The darkness & death call out to thee. The time & tides wash over thee from this world & beyond once more. Hear the call ye dead men & gather up thy shadows of history again. Attend me now & do my bidding once again. Then return to the dreams of the dead once more. All return & return again among the drowned & the damned 
Necromanctic Summoning Spell from Hnalla II 
Found Within Electronic Tablet 

No. Enc.: 1 (1d20 crew)
Alignment: Neutral (Inimical)
Move: 120'(40’)
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 48
Attacks: 6 per round
Damage: 1d8 (plus psychic cannon)
Morale: 13
Use your favorite undead variety for crew. These will often have level draining abilities 

They have so many names The Damned Night,The Dreaming Serpent,The Dreaming Serpent,The Dreaming Serpent & many others. These were ships who sailed during the Atomic Wars on Earth. The very violence & destruction cast them all adrift within the time space continuum. Again & again where mankind has settled the stars they come to call. They seem to sail the unconsciousness of mankind himself. Upon each world the pattern is repeated. A lone soul sees them & three days latter the ship comes to claim that man's soul. There are tails told of great priest kings who have rebuked them back to the very depths that have spawned them but again & again they return.  

They are always crewed by the undead & shall never be denied for long. Many space pilots have sworn to have seen them racing round the moons & rings of many planets. They are considered signs of ill omen & many pirates curse the very mention of them.

Often times primitive necromancer sea witches whistle them up from the lower depths of the Outer Darkness. The price is indeed steep as the Outer Powers take 1d20 years off of the life of such casters who trifle with the darkness itself.

There crews & themselves hate all normal life & will go out of their way to cause misery & insanity. The super science powers planar barrier & banish work well to do away with them. The Derro often use such as these as scouts to soften up resistance to their main assaults.
They are often armed with psychic cannon which do 1d8 points of damage per shot. The crews often take on the appearance of dreaded local undead as the summons shapes them as they materialize within normal space time itself.
The level 6th super science ability may summon The Kanaululirian. The summoner must concentrate or the undead crew will take liberties!
There are tails of spacemen & astronauts summoning such as these to hitch a rid  to the far countries. Others talk of racing the devil himself beating him. On a roll of d20 plus 10  the result shall give you the number of light years you may journey beware lest you become part of the crew.

The Cruelty of Atlantis rises once again towards its summons & its vengeance 

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