Monday, July 25, 2011

The Fuel Traders Of Nimbus IV

Symbol of  The Fuel Traders Of Nimbus IV 

The Fuel Traders Of Nimbus IV - Across the cosmos their refineries & fuel transports can be seen. Here & their around some star their mining & interstellar extractors can been seen doing their work. They are an ever present group on the scene. They offer to uplift many civilizations within the galactic community. Technology, fuel assistance , climate control & terra-forming plus many other benefits of Human Space living.
A Fuel Trader Transport goes about its business 
Yet very little is known about the race. Few take the time to actually think about the space port technicians that go about doing repairs, etc. The fuel Traders move silently from one space port to another in their black transport ships.
There are many sectors of Human Space who don't welcome them. They know what lies under the armor. Once a civilization becomes dependent upon them. They begin to take credits out of them bit by bit. Those who can't pay become client planets. Places completely terra formed over to the  fuel traders atmospheric needs. The traders don't colonize when its easier to convert.  They do in fact have armored troops as well.
 The black triangular ships of the Fuel Traders move through space silently & steadily offering their services whenever & where ever they can. Their technology ranges from 50 to 200 years out of date from the rest of human space.Most are slow-moving and low-flying through the planetary atmospheres & interstellar space. They are known for their maneuverability & are usually heavily armed as well. Here is the so-called nuclear powered flying triangle.These craft come as enormous, silent, black triangular objects, hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways, usually at night and making no attempt to evade detection.Infact this is often how the Fuel Traders announce themselves to worlds.
Should a world fall behind in payment to the fuel traders well the results are very unpleasant. Half of the population is sold into slavery for the so called Eloi Pattern. Others are given over to food processing where they will become the next meal in many of the Fuel Traders. The Fuel Traders always target developing human worlds & colonies. They are a parasitic race at best but they've become part of the invisible economy of the Human space worlds & aren't going away anytime soon. 
Many believe correctly that the fuel traders are in fact another group of survivors of the Atomic Holocaust that ventured out into space after mankind's first steps into the unknown. The group is known to trade for slaves from time to time. They are called the Morlocks. Renowned for their technical expertise but reviled for their other practices they go about their businesses on many planets. Always following in the footsteps of man.
  There are those who say that they must use those suits of theirs because the terra formed atmospheres are to pure to breath. These suits allow them to pass among people without arousing ire & suspicion. Animals have an instant dislike to this race.
       Rumors speak of half morlock crew members of some ships. Some may be adventurers, scientists, or even astronauts. They gain +1 to all mental characteristics but -1 on all physical characteristics representing the physical degeneration of  these creatures.Many times these Fuel Traders are looked down upon by the average  human space citizen.
The Hunger - Each morlock must pass a save vs test or crave the taste of human flesh. The craving may take the form that both player & dungeon master agree on.
  While doing research for this post I came across this passage on wiki from the Time Machine- A section from the 11th chapter of the serial published in New Review (May, 1895) was deleted from the book. It was drafted at the suggestion of Wells's editor, William Ernest Henley, who wanted Wells to "oblige your editor" by lengthening the text with, among other things, an illustration of "the ultimate degeneracy" of man. That chapter is called the Grey Man you can read about it Here


  1. I love it. Bringing the morlocks in--and in this way--is brilliant!

  2. Thanks Trey, I'm rather fond of The Time Machine. Thanks for all of the words of encouragement. More to come soon. Please stay tuned!


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