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The Tachulat- The Masks of Mighothlihat

The Tachulat- The Masks of Mighothlihat

The Tachulat were an up lifted planar race who challenged the Outer Darkness Beings & dared themselves to believe them their equal. The beings punished the Tachulat & threw them down the long latter of evolution right down to the very non - being of matter & existence itself. When next their interstellar neighbors came to trade they found nothing except empty cities & millions of masks. Millions throughout the alien cities along the cliffs of Mighothlihat. Their neighbors left but a few of the masks have been taken by tourists, relic hunters, traders, & others.  It often isn't apparent why the masks are left alone. 
Those donning the masks hear the psychic wails & moans of the Tachulat's destruction. They begin to feel the strange paper like material becomes wet & moist like some waxy alien skin. The longer the masks are worn the more access one has to weird & strange powers the masks impart until the 
Tachulat walk under the stars... again for a time. The masks seal themselves to the flesh of those foolish enough to wear them. 

Super Science Powers 

  1. Feel The Pleasure - the Tachulat allows the being wearing it to access its superior senses. The powers of telepathy, esp, flux blast, & suggestion are available once per day 
  2. Claws of The Tachulat- The wearer may glow strange planar claws from their limbs each doing 1d6 points of planar damage. 
  3. This Body, this Flesh - The user may form a body of strange glowing planar energy around themselves giving them a temporary 0 armor class. Each time this ability is used it becomes harder to return to the user's original shape. A saving throw vs must be made to return to the original shape. 
  4. Sacrifice The Outer Flesh -The wearer may temporarily give up their planar existence for 1d4 turns & become none corporeal & able to pass through most material structures. The effect is pleasurable to the wearer & unless a constitution roll is made they will want to repeat the process... often.  The downside is that the wearer will become strangely skinned & slightly scaly & be at a -2 charisma. That is unless a saving throw is made. 
  5. Breath of The Tachulat - The user may belch out a cloud of planar energies & poisonous chlorine 3 times per day doing 1d8 points of damage to most objects not protected by a force field . The user will be prone to violent behavior each time this ability is used. 
  6. The Becoming - The user adds +1 to all of his physical attributes & gains the above abilities for 1 full day. The more the process is repeated the more likely the person will not be able turn back to his original planar form at all. The person is at a -2 for their saving throw after this ability is used more then three times 

The masks have been seen in the un museum recently & their is rumored to be a Tachulat priest on the loose at present 

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