Monday, July 18, 2011

Sporcery Monday - New Fungus Spells For Terminal Space

Sporcery  Spells 
  The sporcery school may be used by both clerics or magic users. The fungus gods aren't choosy of their followers. The spocery guild however does guard its secrets jealously & many a seeker or thief has found themselves hunted by the fungal assassins. Note that all spells use the caster's fungal body growths as the material components for all spells  
Level 1 

    • Those Within  Symbiosis- The caster calls the fungus gods to them  & over the course of three days the caster's body is changed. The caster gains strange whorls of fungus & gill like structures on their body, strange fungus begins to sprout throughout the skin of the host. The mind acquires strange internal structures that allow the casting of more advanced spells & for the caster to be able to commune with the fungal network of a world. This spell is the first step upon the road of fungal perfection & should only be cast with the supervision of a qualified teacher 
    • The Light Internal Bioluminescence- The caster causes the fungus within to have a chemical reaction that allows them to create a soft glowing light. This light is enough to read by or be seen within 40 feet. The glow last 1d4 hours per casting. 
    • The Venomous Touch- The caster's skin oozes a contact poison that will do 1d8 points of damage or can stun for 1d4 rounds unless a save vs poison is rolled. 
    • Bolt of Doom -The caster shoots  a fungal arrow coated with his body's poison as the Venomous Touch spell. The arrow may be slightly acidic & slowly begin to erode the armor class of the target at 1d6 per round. 

Level 2 
  • The Healing Haze - The caster links his immune system with the targets & begins a direct exchange of hit points with a 1 to 2 ratio depending upon the extensiveness of the damage involved. The dungeon master should be directly involved with the use of this spell as it is considered one of the inner guild secrets. 
  • Fire Fungus - The caster is able to use a wave of flamable spores in a 30 foot cone to surround him. The spores form a cloud that will not hurt caster but everyone else will take 1d6 points of flashing flame damage. The cloud alights briefly with an incredible cloud of flame & fungus forming as a chemical reaction occurs. 
  • Psychoactive FTL Communication - The user communes directly with the pan dimensional beings that make up the mushroom pantheon & they in turn will communicate instantly with a target within the local space time continuum for 1d4 turns. The target however will have 2d6 different varieties of mushrooms growing around them afterward for 1d4 days. 

Level 3  
  • The Sporing - The caster is able to grow a wide variety of spores from his body with a large variety of effects. These spore can be used as a 20 ft cone from the user. A quick list of the possible effects include : Stun, Ecstasy, Acid, & Dye. All targets must roll a save vs  poison or be effected for 1d4 turns. 
  • Mystical Visions - The caster is sent on an inner journey for 1d3 days within the Fungus gods realms. The caster may ask three questions of his gods which will be cryptically answered to the best of their abilities. This spell can also be used to learn the next level of sporcery as the caster enters the dreamlike realms of the fungal gods. There he will find a teacher to allow him to reach the next level of sporcerous magic! 
  • Fungal Illusion -The caster creates a wave of spores that  will effect the mind of 1d6 targets effectively giving them terrible or wonderful visions depending upon the whim of the caster. This will not effect those who roll save vs poison but they will instead be ill for 1d4 rounds. Those who do not will be effected for 1d4 days 
Level 4 

  • Commune with the Fungal Mind - The caster is able to commune with the planetary fungal mind allowing them to determine the location, weather conditions,etc. anyplace across a planet's surface for 1d4 rounds. The caster is unable to move or talk during this time. 
  • Spocerous Assault - The target must roll a save vs death or explode in a violent outburst as fungus grows from every orifice of the target's body  
  • Fungal Dying City Wide - The caster causes an entire 20 mile area to change color as fungus across the area changes every surface to that color. Lasts for 3d6 rounds & then instantly gone as a strong wind blows the effects away 
  • Fungal Terraform - The caster uses the fungal components of their body to create a 10 mile livable area for those of earthlike or other planetary conditions. This will last for 2d4 rounds & the caster must not be disturbed during this time. 


  1. Cool. I particularly like the 4th Level science fictional effects. Magic taken to its logical conclusions.

  2. Thanks Trey! I'm glad you liked them I've been away all day yesterday & didn't see your comment until today!


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