Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Actual Play -The Battle For Engineering

So tonight after battling their way past the walls crawling with hordes of spiders. The party managed to make it to Engineering where, their guide monkey plugged into the socket & was possessed by a rogue A.I..  They didn't hesitate it was a quick Z-ray blast & only the tail was left dangling.

   The doors of  Engineering open quickly & two engineering droids greeted the players, one tangle grenade later they were cutting the strands from the bots. Said bots were maintaining the ship in the absence of the A.I . they had disconnected 3 games ago. A quick check of the situation revealed that the ship was getting ready to drop that ring which would in fact release a deadly nano swarm on the pirate world below! A quick series of skill rolls revealed that the psychic drive system was in active & sleeping!
    The astronaut quickly takes charge & attaches himself to the drive systems. Bringing the ship on line  brought more spiders!
  The party was expecting a shoot out but instead the spiders by past the entire scene for a strange cargo module attached to the drive. They sent an algorithmic message to the strange ship that was following them! The astronaut makes another series of rolls & finally comes to the conclusion that the spiders want to pervert the ring from becoming another spider ship

A quick series of  piloting rolls & the guys are using the maneuvering jets to destabilize the docking. Things go from bad to worse as the A.I.  senses danger to the baby & dimensional jumps. The jump takes them to an unknown system just as the ring drops for creating another ship. They send 3 AI drones to attack the spider ship & they rip it apart after a heated space battle. After an extended series of skill rolls they get most of the ship's systems under control. The insane A.I. also came back on line but their unaware of that
 They take control of the ship for now & head into deep space for the next week to hit near light for the next extended dimensional hyperspace jump!


  1. Sounds like a great adventure!

  2. It was a great game! Seriously it was wild & the campaign is going to end up to be sort of like something between Lost In Space & Carl Sagan's Cosmos...on acid.
    Thanks for all of the words of encouragement! Made my night!


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