Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Star Ship Wrecks - Salvage Materials

Star Ship Wrecks - Random Salvage Materials 
Roll 1d10 

  1. Ruby Lenses From The Planar Drive Systems 
  2. Iruim Hull Plating 
  3. Para Steel Fittings 
  4. Planar Crystals 
  5. Nose cone sensor suite 
  6. Power kinetic Landing Gear Materials 
  7. Hyper space Shunt 
  8. Miles & Miles of Mono-wire
  9. Psi- crystals 
  10. Nuclear Fuel Compounds  
Condition of Wreck 
Random 1d10  Table 

  1. Partially salvageable roll on the above table 
  2. Unstable fuel core 1d4 hours for salvage then boom 
  3. Salvageable but inhabited by interstellar life form (roll on appropriate matrix) 
  4. Slightly out of sink with local time space continuum will last in the local time space for 1d6 hours then will phase to another universe 
  5. Almost new except the crew compartment is missing 
  6. The body is intact but the hyper or planar drive is missing 
  7. Demon aboard along with possessed undead crew 
  8. Brand New 
  9. Salvageable but the wreck is 2000 years old (roll on the appropriate matrix for possible relics) 
  10. Intact prime salvage 
Random Starship type 
Roll 1d20 Random Table 
Use this site for wreck size Star Ship Comparison
  1. Freighter 
  2. Star Destroyer 
  3. Flying Saucer 
  4. Commercial towing spaceship
  5. Interstellar refinery 
  6. Warp Sled
  7. United Planet Starcruiser
  8. Atmospheric Shuttle 
  9. Imperial Lambda Class Shuttle
  10. Tie Interceptor 
  11. Gunstar 
  12. Battlestar 
  13. Super Star Destroyer
  14. The Imperial Retribution Class Battleship
  15. Zentraedi Thuverl Salan 
  16. Federation Constitution Class 
  17. Borg Cube
  18. Star ship Andromeda ClasS
  19. Vorlon cruiser
  20. Minbari Sharlin
Used Star Wreck Price Chart 
Whats the going price this week! 
Roll 1d10 
  1. Not worth spit 
  2. Let's see what the blue book says (roll 1d100 for credits)
  3. Are you serious that's way too big for the dry dock (roll 1d10 plus 100) 
  4. That truly is a wreck sir! (1d10 credits today)
  5. We can use it for parts(1d100 plus 200) 
  6. Sorry we've got too many of those already come back in 2 weeks 
  7. Try another place
  8. Hey that's just what I need (roll 1d100 plus 1000 credits) 
  9. Are you kidding I've got three out back (roll 1d10 credits) 
  10. Do you know what you've got there buddy!(roll 1d100 credits plus 2000)  

   There's A Small Matter of Fees 
 Roll 1d10 

  1. We've got to get rid of that core & its going to cost (Lose 200 credits) 
  2. This one owes taxes (roll 1d100) 
  3. This is a hot space craft, we can dispose of it for a small fee (1d10 credits)
  4. Buddy who are you trying to kid, that craft has a history & I can hook you up with a collector (1d20 credits) 
  5. That's not a space ship its a toxic waste dump but I know a black hole see (1d20 credits) 
  6. There's an interstellar lien on it ( 1d100 credits) 
  7. There's corpses in there (1d10 credits disposal)
  8. The stellar cops are looking for it (1d20 credits) 
  9. That's a military ship with some top secret hardware do you know how much that's worth(1d100 credits) 
  10. Advanced Alien Tech (1d100 credits)

Improvised Weaponry  From Space Wrecks 
Roll 1d10 

  1. Ruby Lenses From The Planar Drive Systems 
  2. Hull Plating For Armor 
  3. Duralloy Struts For Hyper bows 
  4. Para Steel Fittings For Psi Swords 
  5. Planar Crystals For Wavium pistols 
  6. Nose Cone Sensors For Mini missile components 
  7. Power Kinetic Landing Gear For Power or Stellar Bows 
  8. Hyper Space Shunts For Blasters 
  9. Miles & Miles of Mono Wire For Mono Weapons 
  10. Psi Crystals For Blaster Scopes  


  1. Very cool! Always a fan of random tables.

  2. Thanks very much Jay! I've always been a fan of the random table.

  3. These are very cool. Have you considered starting a Living Table over at DM Muse for this sort of thing? That'd be cool.


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