Friday, July 15, 2011

Kelosinel- The Mirage Ones From Daggho

Hull value: 35
Length: 390 ft
 Width: varies with nth dimensional space
Crew: 12
Speed: 15 light years per round
Transition time : 3 rounds to the astral sea
Cargo Capacity: 15 tons 

Come What May Upon That Dark & Inky Wave
The  Night Beckons To Thee
The cry, the blood, & the sea all call to thine heart upon the blood wine
With Sword in hand the light & land fade from view as we sail upon a sea of stars from Jupiter or perhaps Mars
These waters are dark & true for me & you as the light reveals us for what we are. The damned & dashed set sail upon the darkness as the waves of the planes come to a crash around our bow again. For in time & tide we shall find you in the night as night beckons to thee
There are those who whisper tales of  mysterious ships that are seen in the darkest depths of space. The astronauts guardedly talk among themselves of these vessels that are seen on the edges of infinity but seldom talked about. Many old pirate clan leaders make strange signs at the mere mention of these vessels. Saying things about those who sail with the devil himself.
Yet in some ports there are those who have seen these strange vessels. They speak of merchant princes who sail the stranger tides  & trade in dreams. They often have strange planar artifacts from distant star systems with weird names for trade.  They are always on the move & seem to be running from others. Those who have been aboard their ships report strange things & always seem shaken afterward.
  Many cultures across the stars consider them a good omen & welcome these strangers with open arms. Those who speak ill of them are regarded with some strange looks as if they have broken an unusual taboo. They always come with something to trade or to buy supplies.

As a people they are always brightly &  strangely attired, human (mostly) they have eerie catlike eyes, a shallow green looking complexion to their skin, & speak in a low guttural version of  common tongue of the empire.  They often trade in a drug from someplace called  Leng & many whisper that their ships are powered  by something known as a  Shining Trapezohedron.
 These beings are often mentioned in passing as fearing a people who bear the crystal swords. Legends speak of them doing battle together against another foe & the betrayal that tore apart their alliance. Since that day they have been hunted by  the Astral Raiders & their Ether Hounds

They are always armed with strange steam punk style weapons cobbled together but working as standard Human Space Empire weaponry!
They often put into port at dawn & by midnight of the next evening have sailed away under strange stars!
Random 1d10 items for trade 

  1. A carbuncle of sending 
  2. Self sustaining stem bolts 
  3. Crystal of Dreams & Nightmares 
  4. Crystal Skull 
  5. Leng Drug 
  6. Strangely colored food stuffs 
  7. The black meat of the aquatic centipede
  8. Meat of A Dream Roc or  Eggs of an elemental Kraken  
  9. Astral Treasure Map 
  10. Ancient Asteroid claim map 

Inspired By Treasure Island & The Dream Lands Cycle of  H.P. Lovecraft


  1. I love the blending of worlds and the hints at the weird tech, and the idea of them running is easily skimmed, but adds a lot of potential. Any adventure built around an ancient asteroid claim would make me happy. Should we eat the black meat of the aquatic centipede?

  2. Not if you get it from a man in a bad suit named Dr.Benway!
    Thanks for the kind words man!

  3. Heh. "Self Sealing Stem Bolts!" Many speculators met their end buying and selling Stem Bolts!

  4. If you come across two young speculators upon a space station near a worm hole. Stay far away from them. I lost my shirt doing business with them. Especially the little one with the big ears! Thanks Tall Geese!

  5. I'm late to party, having been out of town over the weekend, but this is good stuff indeed--and clever tie ins to some great posts over at Ancient Vaults.

  6. Thanks Trey! I love your planar posts over at your blog! Great stuff. I've been meaning to do more with the Ancient's awesome stuff, there's more coming up!


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