Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weird Wednesday Part II The Wild Wild Planet!


 Game on! My regular Human Space Empires game is a go for tonight! Serveral things have been happening in the game for those keeping close score. The group of four players are making their way down to Engineering after investigating every square inch of the temporary crew quarters. Some things weighting down on the players: 
  • They know that a spider cult is responsible for Daedalus Robot Probes premature launch & battle between the robotic life forms 
  • There are space pirate vessels approaching the ship. 
  • Several of the cold sleep pods are occupied at the moment one of which has a spider cult priest in it! 
  • There is a psi drive system under  the control of a biological A.I. which is inactive on engineering - They have no idea of condition at present 
  • There are still robotic spiders crawling all over the ship 

What secrets will be revealed in tomorrow's actual play report? Stay Tuned! 

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