Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Scarlet Kiss - A Drug For Human Space Empires

The first taste is like kissing the lips of the most beautiful girl in the world followed by getting kicked in the teeth in slow motion as your brain is rewritten by this powerful psi drug. Your brain becomes the lense by which the universe indeed the multiverse is focused through it in such detail that your looking outward into the exploding cosmos by looking inward.
The effects of The Scarlet Kiss  are as random as the very chaos it has come to represent across the cosmos.
Like the 8 pointed stars of the chaos symbol. The 8 points are represented on each plant & by the randomness of the effects for good or ill.
The Scarlet Kiss is eaten raw where it sinks its tissue into the base of the tongue & begins to dissolve back upon itself. The slightly acidic/ sugar taste is only a preview of the coming attractions as the entire color scheme known to man explodes across the user's eye!
The Random Effects Of  The Scarlet Kiss 
Roll 1d10 

  1. The Psi of The User goes up 1d3 points permanently 
  2. User gains the ability to see into the infra red or ultra wave spectrum. Planar creatures become visible 
  3. The User gains a point of charisma as his flesh conforms to the user's ideal vision of himself 
  4. Gain a Psi power not part of the normal class of character 
  5. The user has a very bad trip & ends up in an alternative dimension 
  6. The user's skin becomes the colors out of time & space. Folks react wildly 
  7. Strange growths form on the user's face allowing him to taste color & touch the strange part of reality 
  8. The user gains the ability to see through the angles of time. Roll 1d4 to see if the Hounds of Tindalos become aware of you 
  9. The eyes of the person become literally windows to the soul reflecting back the very essence of what makes a person up. Roll save vs or the target curls into a fetal ball for 1d4 days as the weight of the universe crushes around a person's sense of self 
  10. The user has access to the very foundations of chaos itself & is able to access hyper dimensional reality. His fists do 1d8 points of damage to the universe around  him but there is a 10% chance that reality will fold into itself. It may take the user within those folks never to return 


  1. Never can have too many intoxicants for a decadent fictional world. Nice work!

  2. Gee Trey thanks for the compliments! No we really
    need more intoxicants for table top rpgs! Stay Tuned
    More to come!


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