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The Un-Department Store- A Mega Dungeon

One of the Un-Department Store buildings that sits above ground. This  structure is part mall., part museum, &  mostly abandon. Mostly 

On Ceti-Beta 13 sits an Alpha class world of Earth Type which has never been colonized & yet contains one of the best examples of advanced  terraforming in known Human Space. The planet has fresh cut lawns, cities, all of the best facilities with only one exception - living inhabitants.
  The cities of Ceti -Beta are filled & linked in one mega structure known as The Undepartment Store - A structure that is part muesum, part gallery, part mall, & is filled with miles & miles of shops. Built by whom is unknown & yet they are filled with artifacts from a million worlds -each one carefully cataloged, numbered, & with each object's displays connected to one of the most sophisticated A.I.'s in Human Space. The planet is mind dazzlingly advanced & yet it sit waiting for its owners who will never come. The place should have been looted & picked clean long ago & yet is not!
  The androids who staff the place are all keyed into the A.I. cybernetic network. They come in many shapes, sizes,& types. They are always on staff 48 hours a day except for the powering down cycle. They are equipped with very advanced nanite cloud repair systems & small planar engines which will run for a million years.

Many of the hundreds of thousands of malls & museums are open  72 hours a day for your convenience . They are neat clean , & very well kept until you decide to leave 
Each display is neat & well kept. Displays of weapons, equipment, etc. are all in working order. Nearby a holographic curator will explain any details to the best of its knowledge the history, linage, & details of the object on display. These curators are not above lying about the object in question if the object is rare or unknown to the museum's AI.

An example of an android religious icon. The origin is unknown but several  human space alien societies have standing rewards for the recovery of this android specimen 
A series of sub-cars & tube ways criss cross the planet's crust & lead to all kinds of sub factories & facilities. These carry all kinds of objects, equipment, etc. vital to the day to day operation of the Un-department stores. There are some examples of  the objects on display below. This is very small cross section of the incredible variety available.

Head Dress of The Porn Traders Of Telus  4  -These are worn at the end of the  life ceremonies ! Very rare  & valuable.  
Many problems arise when displays are disturbed & the visitors try to leave. The androids may ask for a contribution. This might consist of a story, knowledge, a quest to recover an object, or a member of the visitors party for display!

The Captain's Weapons - A series of weapons used during the 3rd Imperial Age . The psi sword contains the memory engrams of a high ranking human space warlord. It may try to take over the user unless a save is made 
The Un Deparment store also contains many valuable alien technologies that will advance the society getting a hold of them. There is only a 1d6 chance that the adventurer looking at them will recognize them for what they truly are. Some of the the objects recovered include miniature stars, black hole generators, & zero nth generators.

Soul Jars From  Saturine 7 which contains the essence of two  warring  star faring races that that will bargain for their freedom  as they are both each one of the most opportunistic races that exist! 
Several of the buildings also contain societies that have set themselves up as the inhabitants of these buildings. They may be descended from star ship crews that have become stranded on Ceti-Beta 13 after the android inhabitants used stellar weapons on said star ships! They are kept in a constant state of war by the planet's A.I. as it studies human & near human emotional states.

Thousands of clothes, ordanary cultural objects reside within the Un Department  store . 

The vast data base that resides within the planetary A.I. is acknowledged as one of  the most advanced within Human Space & has been evolving, changing, & growing for millions of years. Copies of this entity are known by the various names out of human & alien myth & legend. Its keeps many of the tribes on the planet in complete awe by mimicking  various "gods" including playing both sides playing off one tribe to another in warfare!
 Various counterfeited objects have been manufactured by this A.I. & inserted into the collections.

Post Nuclear War Objects that carry psychic vibrations to the right necromatic  forces  -the shades of  Earth's past might be summoned. These objects are precious beyond words 

Besides the vast collection of occult, cultural, technological artifacts there are many ordinary objects. Millions & millions of brick a brack from across the universe. The

Jewelry containers from Tou Ceti - Each one sings to its owner in a psychic voice 
The vaults - This section contains objects that the A.I  that runs the planet deems  as truly valuable. The area is trapped & often moved every 15 days of the planet's rotation!

The Jewled Objects of Hannana 6 - Each of these objects is made from  flame jems  & glows  internally with strange radiations that are said to bring wisdom & cosmic knowledge 
There are rumors that the vast tunnels below Un Department Store contains a Time Tunnel & that many of the objects on display are actually recovered from the time continuum's alternatives pasts & futures.

Many of the archaeological displays contain objects tat could not  exist  given the  current time line  of  human space .
Here are several pharaoh's displays that contain technological advances fair  ahead of any technological available during their time! 
The fundamental laws break down around several displays often these objects seem to talk to themselves or lead to other planar destinations.

This display shows a series of alternative mini universe in a carefully preserved  in  series of arrangements. Stepping through this "painting" leads to many alternative dimensional points 
The android staff isn't above going under cover to root out adventurers or pirates on their world. They deal swiftly with any intrusion. There are instances of clever adventurers bargaining with the world's A.I. but all negotiations are fraught with danger & it has a treasonous nature

Here we see 2 androids gazing into the Orient Hall in the Galaxina  section of   The  Un-Department store.  A party of  4  spacers were later found dead in this section made into a partial display themselves 

No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Move: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 2 (see below)
Damage: 2-12
Morale: 12
 The androids of
          Ceti-Beta 13 each use a cloud of nanite skin weave  to create a large variety of shapes & configurations. Depending upon the circumstances needed. They know 1d4 of the most common human space languages. They have a powerful heat ray projected from their eyes (Range: 360’ Damage: 4-24). They need 1-3 rounds to create a new shape.  

Two androids regard one another from the tube way system  on    the planet of the Un Department store ! 


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